Friday, June 15, 2007

Matchmaker Mulan: A Leading Ladies Release?

Since Matchmaker Mulan was unveiled during sneak peek of the upcoming fall and winter releases during the Pirates of the Caribbean Adventures on the 7 Seas Lagoon Event held at the WALT DISNEY WORLD® Resort, I've been asked "is she is part of the Leading Ladies Series?" It's been confirmed, Matchmaker Mulan is NOT part of the Leading Ladies Series.

Mulan: "Perfectly Poised" and Mushu: "One Family Reunion Coming Right Up" (making his WDCC Debut) are Open Edition releases scheduled for September 2007. Mulan was sculpted by Margi Wray and Mushu was sculpted by Bruce Lau.

Hoping this expands into a larger scene. There are a lot of possibilities and a chance to introduce more of the secondary/esoteric characters from this sequence in the film.

This marks Mulan's fourth release in the Walt Disney Classics Collection:

1999 - She made her debut in 1999 as part of the Tribute Series (Mulan: "Honorable Decision").

2003 - A Numbered Limited Edition (NLE) release and first in the Heroes & Heroines Series with her horse Khan (Mulan & Khan: "Triumphant").

2004 - A Limited Edition release and part of the Gallery Edition Series (Mulan & Khan: "Triumphant"). This sculpture was the same mold as the previous year Heroes & Heroine release done in a bronze finish.


Koen said...

I love this release. It's much better than i could dream. The best release in years. Allthough i love all Mulan release so far, this one stands out. I've been asking for a matchmaker Mulan forever and this is better than expected.

Now, they gave me Mulan... but that doesn't mean i'm content LOL. I want more. I think this is a great opportunity to release Mulan's Mom, the Matchmaker and, last but not least, Mulan's Grandmother, the star of the show. I would love to see her when she is holding up a small cage with Crickee in it.

And... where is the opening title?

If someone of WDAC is reading: THANK YOU

Jiminy4056 said...

Mulan is beautiful! This twosome is great. Love both characters, but again Mulan is stunning! I love the black base.

As Koen mentioned above, this pair should lead to more pieces! I'd love Grandmother and Crickee, and particularly the Matchmaker (could be like a scene completer).

But, the piece I want most from Mulan is the scene where she and her father are sitting under the beautiful cherry blossom tree... where he says the wonderful line about being so proud to have her as his daughter. Classic!

Herc said...

These releases are wonderful. I truly love this Mulan. She seems so delicate. A great opportunity to make this into a wonderful scene. I agree with Koen that the scene should be rounded out with the mother, matchmaker, grandmother, but most of all, her holding a cage with crickie in it.

Koen said...

Like Matthew says, the scene with Mulan on the bench with her father should be made. It's a great scene and i hope they can include the blossomthree somehow. But first more characters for this scene, and later on, a limited numbered edition of Mulan with father on the bench.

I can't believe how great this Mulan looks. It's been years since i've been so happy about a piece, and to tell the truth, there's always one or more pieces each quarter that make me happy, but this is one piece that makes me incredibly happy.

Oh, and i love Mushu too. He's not getting the right attention from me right now, because Mulan is what takes my attention right now.

Koen said...

I hope that the fact we haven't seen an opening title yet means that there are more releases planned (like the matchmaker) and they will relaese the opening title together with it.

Timon said...

This is a wonderful set, and like everyone has said, I'm really looking forward to seeing (and getting!) these two pieces.

I like Jeff's idea of adding Cri-Kee. In fact, since we've seen series like Heroes & Heroines and Leading Ladies, has the Collection considered another series like Faithful Sidekicks/Companions?

They could add some of the characters that capture our hearts and help our Heroes and Heroines along the way.

For example, seeing Mushu with Mulan, and of course, Timon and Pumbaa with Simba. But it would be nice to see characters like Meeko, the Gargoyles and Cri-Kee.

Duckman said...

Count me amongst those who are very happy with the release of Matchmaker Mulan.

Mine arrived yesterday and WOW! What an amazing sculpture! As Jeff pointed out, she has such a delicate look to her. One thing I noticed that I hadn't before, the detail done in how her face is painted. How the make-up runs perfectly along her jaw and you can see her actual skin coloring on her neck against the make-up. Kudos WDCC!

Like Matthew, I'd love to see them do Mulan with her Father sitting under the Cherry Blossom Tree.

They definitely need to add the Grandmother and Crickee as everyone has mentioned.