Tuesday, June 5, 2007

2006 Numbered Limited Edition Belle & Prince Displayed with 2007 Signature Series!

This year's Signature Series release is from Disney's animated classic, Beauty and the Beast and depicts that rarely portrayed moment when the enchanted objects are in human form.

"The Curse is Broken" is a Numbered Limited Edition (NLE) of 1,000 boxed set sculpted by Dusty Horner that includes Belle & Prince (11-1/4"), Mrs. Potts & Chip (7-1/2"), Cogsworth & Lumiere (8-7/8") and Babette (8-1/4") plus the combination balcony/ballroom base with a SRP of $1,750.00 US.

Celebrating the 15th Anniversary of this animated classic, Walt Disney Classics Collection released the first sculpture release of the Beast in human form with the 2006 Numbered Limited Edition (NLE) release of Belle & Prince, "The Spell is Lifted" (9-1/8") sculpted by Jacqueline Perreault Gonzales. This NLE of 2,000 has a SRP of $295.00 US.

The base consists of two sections, allowing you to display either separate or together (the balcony portion attaches to a groove in the ballroom section). The overall height is approximately 15" and the combined length (balcony section aligned with the ballroom section) is approximately 26". The width is approximately 13".

The overall length and width of the base will allow you to display the 2006 Numbered Limited Edition Belle & Prince with this year's Signature Series release (pictured above). The 2006 Numbered Limited Edition of Belle & Prince is sold separately and please check with authorized dealers for availability.


Rustin Allison said...

Both pieces look great with this scene. Thank you for posting the pictures!

Rustin Allison

Gregory said...

WOW - this set is fantastic and adding this piece makes it look that much better.

Duckman said...

Your welcome! Was very impressed when I saw this scene in person during Walt Disney Classics Collection Exclusive Sneak Peek and World Wide Debut of forthcoming porcelain sculptures at the Art of Disney Gallery located in the Downtown Disney® Marketplace from Tuesday, May 22nd thru Monday, May 28th. Photos just don't do it justice.

Each character was very well sculpted, full-size (larger in size than previous Signature Series releases) and agree the addition of the Dancing Belle & Prince really adds to it plus captures two very significant moments at the end of the film and allows collectors to show their own creativity when setting up their own display.

Mark said...

As a gold circle dealer i don't think this was the most intelligent choice for the Signature piece. I mean the scene was the FINAL in the film and most people don't even know the characters that way..

Duckman said...

Hi Mark,

Will be interesting to see how it plays out. Personally, am glad to see they picked a more obscure moment and characters never done (which is what attracted me to collecting WDCC in the beginning) vs. a Signature scene with repeat characters.

Response was very positive by those I observed when at WDW during the 3rd Quarter Sneak Peek and talking with a couple dealers in attendance, their pre-orders were higher for this one vs. previous Signature Series releases.

Will be interesting to see what happens as the scene hits dealers next month.

Koen said...

It'll be my first signature series and i'm very happy with it. it was a moment from a film i was hoping for since long. Can't wait to get it.