Friday, June 15, 2007

Walt Disney Classics Collection 3rd Quarter Update!

Walt Disney Classics Collection gave a sneak peek of the upcoming fall and winter releases during the Pirates of the Caribbean Adventures on the 7 Seas Lagoon Event held at the WALT DISNEY WORLD® Resort last month.

We were told today at Noon (EST) we could unlock the key at left and showcase those releases! This update will include all those releases showcased for 3rd Quarter 2007 plus the unveiling of a brand new scene being shown for the very first time!

This update will not include the upcoming Pirate on Archway Bridge ("A Parrot's Life for Me!"), Pirate on Canon ("Peligro, Explosivos!") and Jail Scene with Dog ("Here, Give Us the Keys ya Scrawny Little Beast!") slated for Fall 2007 or the upcoming Special Event and Open Edition releases of Barbosa and Jack Sparrow.


Jiminy4056 said...

Don, if this is a clue to a new scene from a Mickey Mouse short, I will be in SEVENTH HEAVEN!!! I can't wait until noon!!

Michael J. Ruocco said...

It looks like a scene from "Mickey & the Beanstalk". Oh boy!

Jason S. said...

Trying to think what possibly the chest, key and spool might mean for a new release. First thought is "Peter Pan" as I am reminded of Tink caught in the keyhole and Wendy sewing Peter's shadow back on.

Of course, I'm always in favor of new short releases. So, if a new Mickey short materializes as Matthew hopes, first thought inclinations are "Brave Little Tailor," although that's been the subject of a few releases already, or the "Jack and the Beanstalk" segment of "Fun and Fancy Free."

I think I like the idea of the "Fun and Fancy Free" segment best. With the giant-sized chest, spool and thread, we could get Mickey, Donald, Goofy and the Magic Harp. Now that I've said this, I sure hope that is the case as it'd make such a fantastic scene, I'll be a tad disappointed if it isn't unveiled.

Then again, maybe Don is just having a bit of fun with us and the picture doesn't mean a thing. Guess we'll know for sure in a couple of hours.