Monday, June 11, 2007

Dry Retirement: India Girl & Taj Mahal Accessory Item!

Honored with retirement today, Monday, June 11th is the India Girl and Taj Mahal Accessory ("Aashirwad" which means "Blessing") from Disney's It's a Small World Series.

India Girl (6") and Taj Mahal Accessory (7-3/4") were released in January 2006 and honored with a 'dry' retirement. A 'dry' retirement is when there is no longer stock in inventory.

The India Girl's costume is plussed with opalescent and shiny gold paint. The India Girl & Taj Mahal Accessory are sold as a boxed set with a SRP of $99.00 US.

Collectors should check with their retailer regarding availability since the India Girl and Taj Mahal Accessory are no longer in inventory.


Koen said...

Very suprised to see another Small world piece retired. This is the third in two weeks time. It seems they try to slow down (and eventualy end?) this series.

KingHubert said...

There do seem to be a lot of "dry retirements" overall as of late. I wonder if this will be the new trend from Enesco.

Herc said...

Wow, she dried up fast!! Wonder if the same amounts are made for each SW piece?
It may seem like they are retiring them fast, but remember there are 22 in the collection right now so retiring a few is a good thing.
I hope to see more Small World children added to the collection as well as full size accessory items or animals. I would love to see Poland, Russia with the cathedral backdrop, Israel bride and groom with the tent (hoopa?) as an accessory, Fiji, Hawaiian Surfer with maybe a wave base. As for accessory items or animals, I would love to get the playtapuss holding the egg, the flowered tiger holding the umbrella, the hippo with the flowers (even if it's already an ornament). What I don't want to see though are any of the children in the white outfits. I think that would be jumping the shark in the series. There are so many wonderful children to still add. Dave P. has done a fantastic job. I would love to get at least one of these pieces per quarter. Love it.

Babette said...

Herc Herc Herc Herc Herc.....(shaking head) ...All I have to say is your first line had me LOL.

Agree with all your new SW suggestions. Also want the Ice Skating girl (think that's Norway or Sweden), full size Lapland reindeer, dolls in hot air balloons like the ones that hang from the ceiling, and of course, the Mary Blair doll too!