Sunday, June 10, 2007

Chernabog: Symphony of Evil-Additional Angle!

Chernabog made is second Walt Disney Classics Collection appearance during the 4th Quarter of 2006 as a Numbered Limited Edition (NLE) release. The Image Gallery and Secondary Guide was updated with an additional angle (pictured at right) of this amazing sculpture.

I had seen the painted prototype last summer and finally seen the final sculpt while at WDW this past May. Owning the original, feel this version doesn't take away at all from the original and gives you another perspective and sculptor's take on this amazing character!

"Symphony of Evil" (10-1/2") is a Numbered Limited Edition of 1,000 sculpted by Ruben Procopio with a SRP of $650.00.

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Herc said...

The new Chernabog is a wonderful sculpture. Ruben did a fantastic job. I also own the first Chernabog and agree that the second does not diminish the first at all. As a matter of fact, the first one is selling on ebay for alot of money. To me, the first one has more power with his hand reaching out towards you. Very eery, especially if you display it from a higher shelf. As for the second, I feel this piece needs to be more at eye level so you can see his expression as well as in the cauldron part.