Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Ruben's European Tour Continues!

Ruben Procopio's European Tour will continue through Sunday, September 30th. The Walt Disney Classics Collection presents their 2007 Premiere Signing Event as they welcome Ruben Procopio to The Netherlands.

Ruben will be appearing to sign his latest Walt Disney Classics Collection release, Ursula and Vanity ("Devilish Diva"). Ursula is the 2007 Members-Only Villains Series release and also the latest Villain to be sculpted by Ruben joining Chernabog ("Symphony of Evil") and Hades ("Name's Hades, Lord of the Dead"). Ruben will be able to sign the WDCC sculptures that he has worked on as a sculptor or as a feature film animator. He will be available to meet and greet and for questions and answers.

Thursday, September 27th

The Collectors Closet
Kennemerlaan 95
1972 Ek Ijmuiden
Telephone: 0251 244 525
(Evening Event)

Friday, September 28th

Acme Moviestore
Palaceplein 11 & 12
2587 WE Scheveningen
Telephone: 070 358 75 89
(Afternoon/Evening Event)

Saturday, September 29th

Galerie Fi Donc
Hekelstraat 28
1811 BM Alkmaar
Telephone: 0725 150 228

Sunday, September 30th

The Collectors Company
Weena-Zuid 142
3012 CR Rotterdam
Telephone: 310 104 148001


Koen said...

I'm going on sunday. Can't wait. It'll be my 3th signing event. I went to David Pacheco in 1999, to Kent Melton in 2004 and now Ruben.

Duckman said...

Hi Koen-Have a great time at the Signing Event. You'll enjoy meeting Ruben. Be sure to give us an update when you return!

Herc said...

Wish these posters/postcards were available to everyone. What a nice job WDCC did on this promo.

Babette said...

Not surprising you'd like that poster Mr Herc!! :)

Koen said...

I went to collectors company this sunday. it was great. I didn't win any prize, but still a great event :-).
I gave Ruben a list of pieces i wanted to see and especially asked about a John Smith and a Matchmaker piece. He told there would be a meeting when he returned and he would bring my list to it, so they can discuss my ideas. Hopefully one will be made. I asked Ruben if he would be doing a complete scene, since up till now there weren't any complete scenes from him. He told me to be patient, cause there will be a 3-piece scene comming done by him. He wouldn't give anymore hints though. I brought my Genie to sign and bought Ursula VS allthough i wasn't getting it at first. In the end Ruben made a great drawing of Sebastian for me. Great event and i hope there will be more events like this.

Duckman said...

Hi Koen! Thanks for sharing your experience from the Signing Event with Ruben you attended this past weekend.

Glad you had the opportunity to talk with him and share some ideas/suggestions for future releases. I'm guessing they're starting to work on the 2009 line-up.

Look forward to seeing his scene release for 2008. Until your posting, tend to forget his releases thus far have been stand-alones or add-ons to existing scenes (The Incredibles).

Congrats on your purchase of Ursula!

valery said...

GGGgggggrrrrr :(
Why we have never signing event in France?
Please Ruben, I am ready to pay your lunch in Disneyland Paris :)

Ludie said...

I have met Ruben in Rotterdam at the Collectors Company. After trying to draw Mickey Mouse I have won a drawing of Ruben himself. I am so pleased to have an original drawing of Ruben!