Friday, September 14, 2007

Au Revoir Babette!

Honored with retirement today, Sept. 14th is that irresistible feather duster, Babette!

Babette ("Ooh-la-la") the Enchanted Object who is smitten by Lumiere made her WDCC debut in June, 2002 and is being honored as a 'dry retirement.' The flirtatious feather duster went through some small changes before the Creative Team felt she was ready for her debut.

Trivia: She did not have a name in the 1991 theatrical release, though some had referred to her as Fifi. It wasn't until the Broadway release in 1996 that she was given the name Babette.


cuatrecess said...

Hey Don, what's a dry retirement? I'm curious!

Jason S. said...

A dry retirement is when no more inventory is left of the piece at the WDCC warehouses, so dealers can not order anymore of the piece when the retirement is announced. So, if you still need to purchase the piece, you'll need to find a dealer that still has some in stock as a dealer that does not have any will not be able to order one from the WDCC.

Hope you don't mind the assist on answering this one, Don. Was reading the blog, so thought I'd jump in as I've answered this question enough times in the past. :)

Interesting that Babette was retired on her own without any of the other Enchanted Objects, but maybe she just had the misfortune of running "dry" as that seems to be a popular reason for retirement these days.

Duckman said...

Thanks Jason. Cheryl, if any other questions, please don't hesitate to ask.

As Jason posted, we're seeing quite a few dry retirements this year which causes many to scrabble, especially on open edition releases, since many think they have plenty of time to pick up that piece and then boom! it's retired.

Babette said...

They're retiring me to the old broom closet I see!!
Sniff sniff!
Pauvre de moi!

Rustin Allison said...

I never knew that Babette did not have a name until the stage musical. Thanks for that little bit of trivia!

Rustin Allison

Duckman said...

You're welcome Rustin.