Saturday, September 15, 2007

Fourth Quarter Announcement!

Update: Quite a few emails this morning regarding the Fourth Quarter Annoucement. The Duckman's Inside Report will go live at noon EST today (Saturday, Sept. 15th). This allows information to flow from Burbank to the sales force and then to authorized dealers.

Many commented it being a light quarter which is typical to most fourth quarter announcements and actually not a bad assortment.

A couple things to note:

Pirate on Bridge - Have not received an actual release date but included since it will be released during the fourth quarter. Once an actual release date has been confirmed, will update the website accordingly.

Fantasia - Many asked, "what happened to the release from Fantasia?" To be honest, I too wondered the same thing and then reread Newsflash (Sketches, Volume 15, Number 2, 2007) --

"In the meantime, as a Fantasia fan, you may want to keep your eyes open for a soon-to-be-unveiled sculpture featuring two characters from Walt Disney's "Concert Feature" who have never before been featured by the Walt Disney Classics Collection. It's too early to announce exactly who these characters are but once we do, we're sure you'll feel like celebrating!"

I think many (myself included) just assumed a fourth quarter release.

When the website goes live at noon today, I will also have individual blog postings for each new release for anyone who has any specific comments.

Thanks for your patience!


Michael J. Ruocco said...

You're right, it is a very light release, but they're all great, especially Pinocchio & the Goofy pieces.

As for the Fantasia piece, they're probably saving it for a Spring Quarter release. I bet it's Bacchus & Jacchus, but it would totally blow me away if it were the T-Rex & Stegosaurus from the 'Rite of Spring' sequence (although the chances of that are pretty slim).

Herc said...

Thanks Don for the wonderful work on the fourth quarter releases. Another great job. Loving that the quarter is so light. Gives people a chance to get what one needs from the year's choices before heading into 08. Thanks again.

Jason S. said...

As always, great job on presenting the 4th quarter by you and Amanda!

As many have commented, it is a rather light quarter; even counting the theme park Pirates, it is the lightest since 2002, which featured an extremely light 4th quarter. But, as also mentioned, it provides for a nice respite to catch up on all the wonderful releases from earlier in the year. Plus, most of the 4th quarter is on the higher dollar side to boot, so another reason to appreciate having less pieces to worry about purchasing.

Interesting how many of us just assumed we'd be seeing the Fantasia release this quarter although, as pointed out, the clue didn't really say that. Wonder if possibly it was planned for release and then moved for some reason. As mentioned, I think most are assuming a Bacchus & Jacchus release although I do really like Michael's suggestion of the T-Rex and Stegosaurus.

Looking over this year's releases, noticed a few things now that the 4th quarter is revealed. Most notably, a fifth release was not issued in the Heroes & Heroines series. Has this series possibly run its course or is it just skipping a year? Had been thinking we'd see a Heroine next as the last three releases have been from the Heroes side.

Also, I believe this is the first year now since nearly the beginning of the WDCC that we have not seen a Holiday/Christmas type of release whether it be Christmas Cards, Holiday Princesses or classic film/short releases. Hope we see a return to this type of release next year. Personally thought the Christmas Card releases ended too soon and could have produced some more fine sculpts based on those vintage cards. A classic film/short release, of course, would be just as welcome. I know I am dying to see a return to Mickey's Christmas Carol.

Two other releases that I noticed were missing from this year were the Visa Card exclusive and the Spotlight Series, neither of which I particularly missed. I wonder if the Spotlight Series has been put to rest?

Dennis said...

Great job as always Don on both the web announcement and your blog entries! Am glad its kind of light. Gives me a chance to catch up on all the great releases this year.

Timon said...

Maybe the Fantasia piece will be part of the Spring Event!

Duckman said...

Thanks Jeff! I too am glad for a light quarter. There has been so many great releases from Silly Symphony Series, Peter Pan, Hunchback, Pirates, Sword in the Stone and Ludwig, I'm still trying to catch up and hopefully will before the 2008 releases are announced.

Duckman said...

Regarding Fantasia Jason, I think it was more collectors running with the assumption that the hint in Newsflash was meant specifically for fourth quarter and not so much that it was a definite and then a decision was made to change or move it's release. Same with the assumption it's Bacchus & Jacchus vs. the hint referring to something other from that film.

Regarding the Heroes & Heroines, Visa Exclusive and Spotlight Collection, have not heard anything regarding if future releases are planned or if they've just taken a hiatus for 2007.

Duckman said...

Thanks Dennis!

Duckman said...

Hey Tim, like your thinking on the Fantasia piece possibly being the Spring Event release.