Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Oct. 1st-What Could Be Retiring??

If like me, as the month is ending, I tend to flip to the next month to check for any important dates and when looking at the WDCC Wall Calendar noticed there is a retirement scheduled for October 1st!

There have been quite a few retirements this past year and wondering what the Walt Disney Classics Collection could have had planned to retire on this date when they were putting the catalog together .. Hmmm ....

Any guesses?


Koen said...

I have absolutely no idea. Could Babette be a sign they are thinking about retireing the Beauty and the Beast scene? Or maybe just the enchanted objects? I wouldn't mind, cause i've got them all. I don't think they'll retire the dancing couple just yet, there isn't a single dancing couple retired to date.
With all the retirements going on, i'm not even sure what's still open and what not. Need to check my catalogue.

MizRobin said...

Most of the Nightmare Before Christmas retired in October. Maybe we'll be seeing Dr. Finkelstein, Zero, or The Clown retiring this year.

Herc said...

I certainly agree with one of the following may be retiring: Dr. Finkelstein, Zero, or The Clown. With the new scene that just came out, it will leave room for more retirements next year.
Like a friend of mine said about making room in his condo, for every one thing that comes in, one or more things must leave. Thanks Tim for that one. So maybe since we just got four new pieces, maybe one or more are going to retire. JMO.

Timon said...

Great, now I'm going to have a lot of angry collectors coming after me! LOL!

While I agree that the Nightmare scenes may not be for all collectors, perhaps the calendar itself is giving us a clue. I believe the Lilo and Stitch Halloween scene has been out for a year or two, so maybe it's those two pieces.

My second guess would be something of the Small World pieces since we've seen a slow down in the releases of those pieces.

Those would be my guesses!

cuatrecess said...

This is tough. It does seem like Halloween type pieces retire in October. Therefore I agree with timon on the Lilo/Stitch Halloween scene.

What about the Incredibles?

I can't wait to find out!

Koen said...

While i also thought the calender was a hint, i don't think they will retire Lilo and Stitch that soon after the original was retired.

Timon said...

Maybe they are going to retire smaller sets like the Fox and the Hound or Aladdin to make room for my Oliver and Company scene. LOL!

I hope it's not Bug's Life, because I still want Heimlich, Hopper and Francis.

We haven't seen any retirements in the Spotlight Collection, so maybe it's something from there.

Koen said...

what the last retirements learned me (expecialy when they retired the snow white with broom scene) is that you can expect anything. Who knows, maybe it's the Cinderella with Pink dress scene

Duckman said...

Great observation Mizrobin! Checked the Secondary Guide, other than Killer Duck & Scary Teddy all Nightmare Before Christmas retirements were in October.

Like Tim, my first guess was Halloween Lilo & Stitch. Given the original scene was retired last month, wondering if we'll see another Lilo & Stitch retirement so soon?

Many possibilities -- Spotlight Collection, Incredibles, Fox & Hound, A Bug's Life and Cinderella. All great guesses!

Gut feel is still going something Halloween Themed. Only a few days away!

Jason S. said...

Hmmm. I'm like most everyone and leaning towards a Halloween-themed retirement, which would mean either the older NBC pieces (Finklestein, Zero & the Clown) or the "Lilo & Stitch" scene. I think good arguements can be made for both.

We've just had a new NBC scene released, so retiring these last few older releases makes sense. With this new scene featuring bases actually taken from the film, it also makes sense to put to rest these older pieces that still have the "presentation" type base of the coffin.

Even though we just had a "Lilo and Stitch" retirement, I'm leaning towards this scene being the one getting the axe in light of the various hints as others have mentioned. We've got them featured as the scene on the calendar and Newsflash did write up a short spiel about adding these pieces to your collection now, alluding that they may not be available later.

Also, with the "Lilo and Stitch" retirement, I think this opens the door for a new Halloween-themed scene to be released. There have been numerous requests for the "Lonesome Ghosts" over the years, so maybe by retiring Lilo and Stitch we'll get to see pieces from that short finally materialize to fill the void.

Duckman said...

Hey Jason-In the Catching Up blog entry, the discussion leaned towards the upcoming retirement at one point and like you, with Halloween Lilo & Stitch featured in Newsflash, not to mention the calendar as you pointed out, they seem an obvious choice. We're just a few short days away of finding out :)

Lonesome Ghosts has been one short that comes up many times as one collectors would like to see done and I personally think it would be great for a new Halloween scene. Hopefully if that short is ever done as part of the WDCC, we'll get not only Mickey, Donald and Goofy but the Trio of Ghosts as well.

Dennis said...

Nightmare Before Christmas seems the most logical.

Babette said...

I hope we get a curveball.
Maybe Mogli and the Village Girl and base will be the retirement.

Duckman said...

Babs, you might be onto something. 2007 is a significant anniversary for both The Jungle Book (Oct. 18th) and Bambi (Aug. 21st) and nothing was done to recognize either anniversary.

Bambi celebrated its 65th Anniversary and The Jungle Book will be celebrating its 40th Anniversary. Wondering if Mowgli, the Village Girl and the Jungle Base will be honored with retirement in honor of the film's upcoming anniversary?

Everyone has been thinking Halloween given the month of October but wondering now if the retirement will coincide with an anniversary??

Babette said...

The DVD Release on Oct 2 of Jungle Book was another reasoning for my choice. Would be nice synergy.