Saturday, September 8, 2007

Opening Titles: Actual Artwork Used from the Opening Sequence

When the Walt Disney Classics Collection releases a new scene, many collectors anticipate the release of an Opening Title.

The Opening Title features actual artwork from the opening credits of each film and/or animated short. They are a three-dimensional representation of the opening title sequence (made to look like a film reel). The artwork is pulled from the Disney Archives and replicated to create the opening film title as pictured in some of the opening titles featured above.

To date, with each animated short retired, the opening title was retired as well except for Trick or Treat. Not so with the film releases. Song of the South is the only film title opening title that has been retired.

I personally like the Opening Titles and when I have a film or short represented in my collection, I always pick up the opening title as well. I like them for both the beauty of the artwork depicted on the film reel and what they add to a scene.

Timeless Treasures and Modern Masterpieces films where an opening title has not been released include Mulan, Pocahontas, Fox and the Hound, Saludos Amigos, Fun and Fancy Free, Make Mine Music, Melody Time, Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad and Atlantis. Live Action Films include The Reluctant Dragon and The Love Bug. A Bug's Life is the only Pixar Film that does not have an opening title. From Cartoon Classics, not withstanding those shorts with a single sculpture release, Donald Gets Drafted has been the only animated short that did not include an opening title as part of the release.

How do others view them? Are the Opening Titles part of your scene purchase or an afterthought? Are they something many feel they'll eventually pick up or typically pass on?


Matthew said...

They are always an initial purchase for me, and I consider them essential to the "scene".

In fact, I get a little upset (LOL) if an opening title is not produced for a scene that I collect and I feel like it's not complete until a title is done.

Herc said...

I agreee with Matthew. I love the title scrolls. I really just found out last month that the actual title sequence from the animated films are used. That was a great bit of trivia.
I always buy the title scrolls when I get a scene. Like Matthew I get a little upset when one is not released. I like when I display my pieces to add it right up front sorta like a calling card if you will.
I've also been known to pick up a few extra titles since most animated movies feature more than one scene and are on a different shelf.
I have two of Cinderella, Aladdin, and Brother Bear (forgot I had the first one). I'm in the market for a few other doubles and will get them in the near future.
Don, this was a great blog and boy did I learn a few things from it. Here's hoping WDCC will continue to promote a scene with these title scrolls and also add the ones they are missing. You're right, we definitely need one for the Donald short. But we really need them for Mulan and Pocahontas.

Magic Mirror said...

I too must have the opening title, even though I only collect from the one film I have it a few times to 'enhance' specific scenes.

Michael J. Ruocco said...

I've just started picking up the Opening Titles. So far, I've only got two, both from Fantasia (one has the RKO writing on it & the other is blank).

I still want to pick up the Snow White & Dumbo titles to go with the Dance scene & the Magic Feather scene.

Dennis said...

I think of the opening title as an important part of a scene. Its usually the last purchase for me.

Duckman said...

It seems like all those who have posted, the Opening Titles are a must have. Would be curious to hear from those Dealers who read the blog on the ratio of collectors who purchase the opening titles compared to those who don't :)

Glad you enjoyed this particular blog posting Jeff. Thought a good topic to gauge collectors buying habits and collectors thoughts when it comes to the opening titles.

Like you, Tony and Michael, I have purchased more than one opening title when I have releases from a particular film displayed in more than one cabinet. Snow White, Pinocchio, Cinderella, Peter Pan and Sleeping Beauty fall into that category.

Behr said...

For me titles were my last purchase for almost all scenes although I do have all of them now as I too feel that the set is not complete without them.

Babette said...

I love the titles too and I think some of the more recent ones have been the most visually interesting. The Hunchback title is one of the best to date. I also love the alternative titles like the MMC plaque and love love love the Small World boat plaque.

Dennis said...

Great blog entry Don. Opening titles are a definite purchase for me. Sword in the Stone is my favorite of the more recent ones.

Timon said...

I'm on board with the rest of you. I think of the Title Scrolls as a "mini" collection. They are the little unsung heroes of the line, but they really enhance our collection.

I think the Title Scrolls serve two purposes. For the avid Disney collector as we all know, it's a way for us to spice up our display. For our non-Disney friends who see our displays (Can you believe those people exist?!?), it helps them identify the Feature Animated Film. And isn't it fun to say to them, "You've never heard of that movie?" or the shock when you hear, "I've never seen Pinocchio". (The latter just happened recently and I disowned knowing my friend. LOL)

Title Scrolls are great identifiers and dress up the collection.