Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Catching Up!

Hi All - Catching up on emails, snail mail and the blog this morning. Yesterday's mail included a mailing from the Walt Disney Collectors Society that included the following:

  • Sketches (Volume 15, Number 3) featuring the upcoming Winter Premiere Event sculpture of Captain Jack Barbossa and Open Edition Captain Jack Sparrow making a Special Advance Debut.
  • Walt Disney Classics Collection Catalog featuring original Dancing Belle & Beast on the cover.
  • Third Quarter Catalog Supplement
  • Newsflash
Sketches includes a recap of the recent Pirates of the Caribbean Adventures on the 7 Seas Lagoon Event held May, 2007 at the WALT DISNEY WORLD® Resort. Included is a photo of fellow collectors, friends and blogmates, Bob & Toni Fortino with David Pacheco and Ruben Procopio. Great picture guys!

Goofy and Wilbur Update - Additional sizing has been made available for the upcoming Numbered Limited Edition (NLE) release of Goofy and Wilbur. The sculpture will measure 12-1/2" (length) x 6" (width) x 6-1/2" (height). Sculpted by Bruce Lau, "Fishing Follies" is scheduled for an October 2007 release.

New Blog Listing - Many long-time collectors of the Walt Disney Classics Collection are familiar with the name, Jim Fanning. An author, historian, editor and researcher, Jim Fanning specializes in Disney and has written many articles in Sketches, the Walt Disney Collectors Society quarterly magazine. Be sure to check out Jim's Blog!


Kushal Ruia said...

Hello Don!
Hmmm...i got my WDCS package yesterday here in Toronto.Though it did have the Third Quarter Catalog Supplement, it did NOT have the Walt Disney Classics Collection Catalog featuring original Dancing Belle & Beast on the cover!!
Thats not expected is it?I should call them up u suppose?


Duckman said...

Hi Kushal! I will follow up for you and see if International was handled differently regarding the catalog mailing.

Michael J. Ruocco said...

I got mine on Monday. Nice articles this issue! Not much on sculpture updates, but beggers can't be choosers.

Kushal Ruia said...

Oh great Don! appreciate it!

Herc said...

Received mine yesterday. Great looking catalog. Love seeing all the titles on the inside back cover.

Big clue for 2008 is that one piece will be part live action and part animated. Very cool.

I would think the retirement on Monday might deal with one of the NBC pieces that have not been retired as of yet or the Lilo and Stitch Halloween scene. Although we just had a L&S retirement.

What does everyone think?

Darcy said...

I have not received mine as of yet! Keeping my eyes open for it. I usually get mine latter than everyone for some reason or another.

Herc: Your clue will keep me guessing for days! VERY PUZZLING!!

I am with others on the retirement of something dealing with Halloween another MYSTERY! We don't have that much more time to wait!

Duckman said...

Hi Kushal - What I found out so far is the following:

"The WDCC annual catalog has not been sent to European Members yet, more information to follow."

Will keep you and other non-US collectors updated as more information becomes available.

Duckman said...

The clue in Sketches read as follows:

Q: I am excited to see the sculptures featuring characters from Disney's live-action films, such as Mary Poppins and Jack Sparrow and Barbossa from Pirates of the Caribbean. Are you planning more live-action film sculptures?

A: Plans are indeed in the works for more sculptures inspired by Disney live-action films. Though we cannot reveal any details about those live-action characters now, we can tell you that next year's release slate includes a character from a Disney film combining live-action and animation that has never before been featured in the Walt Disney Classics Collection. Watch for this magical character to arrive sometime in 2008.

When I first read the clue, not sure why, Elliott from Pete's Dragon popped into my head. He is from a film combining live action with animation but since Elliott is part of the Main Street Electrical Parade, not sure if that release would count as him never before featured??

Duckman said...

Jeff & Darcy, I was ruling Lilo and Stitch out as the upcoming retirement on Oct. 1st since the original scene was recently retired but given them prominently featured in the recent Newsflash, wondering if that is a clue to their upcoming retirement?

Duckman said...

Hi Michael -- I too thought some great articles. Especially enjoyed the one on Captain Barbossa, Nightmare Before Christmas and Jacqueline Perreault Gonzales.

KingHubert said...

I was wondering if the live action reference has something to do with the upcoming Enchanted. It would be a sort of curve ball since it refers to "a Disney film combining live-action and animation that has never before been featured in the Walt Disney Classics Collection". That make you think it will be an older film but Enchanted hasn't been featured yet either.

Duckman said...

As much as I'm enjoying the previews for Enchanted and Lord knows I love Susan Sarandon, I truly hope it won't be something from this film.

I feel a film needs to get it's legs and find an audience before being considered for the Walt Disney Classics Collection. I feel when sculptures are released to coincide with a film's release, they're rushed and sometimes a moment/pose is used that never made it to the final film. JTDO.

Jason S. said...

Hey Don,

Elliot from "Pete's Dragon" crossed my mind as well, but thought with the questioneer mentioning Mary Poppins, Jack and Barbossa that the upcoming piece leaned more towards a live-action character vs an animated one.

My pick is leaning towards Eglantine Price from "Bedknobs and Broomsticks" as portrayed by Angela Lansbury. It combines both live action and animation in the film and Miss Price could definitely be considered a "magical character" as she is training to be a witch. Also, I recall this film being featured in a Sketches article not too long ago, which could have been an early hint of something from this film coming down the pipeline.

Dennis said...

Received mine on Monday too. Wasn't expecting the catalog. A nice surprise.