Saturday, September 15, 2007

A Blossom in the Jungle: Small World Hippo

When the Hippo Ornament (Africa) made its debut in August 2006, many collectors were hoping that a full-size version would not be far behind. The creative team at Walt Disney Classics were listening and in Nov., a full scale version will be added!

"Blossom Jungle" (4-3/4") features the hilarious and floral-covered Hippopotamus along with the Oxpecker Bird.

Wonder if future releases will include the other ornaments (Antartica, Arabia, Canada, Lapland and Spain) that also made their debut in 2006?


Babette said...

Love this piece. Can't wait to see it in person. Definitely would like to see more animals done, especially the Penguins.

Herc said...

I'm with you Babs. Would love to see that lion or panther (how about jungle cat) with the umbrella. Bring on the penquins too. Also the playtapus holding the egg. Very cute.

Jason S. said...

While not collecting the It's A Small World series myself, I've gotta appreciate the WDCC releasing accessory type pieces like this to help round out the display of the series. It's a cute piece that should make It's A Small World collectors happy.

Timon said...

I have two of the Hippo ornaments myself, so I'm thrilled to be seeing a larger version of it.

To really make me happy, I'd love to see them complete the African scene by adding the laughing hyena as well as the zebra playing the drums.