Saturday, May 19, 2007

Never Land: A Spellbinding Adventure!

Two new exciting sculptures were released this year from Walt Disney's animated classic, Peter Pan (1953) and when displayed together make an awesome grouping!

This years Of Dreams & Magic release, a Walt Disney Collectors Society Members Only Sculpture is straight from Mermaid Lagoon from that moment when Peter is boasting of his escapades to Never Land's bevy of beautiful mermaids.

"Spinning a Spellbinding Story," sculpted by Dusty Horner is available to active Society members from January 01, 2007 thru March 31, 2008.

In one of the most famous images in Disney animation, Captain Hook masterfully commands the rowboat as the bumbling Mr. Smee rows for Skull Rock. "An Irresistible Lure," sculpted by Tim Bruckner is a Numbered Limited Edition of 1,500.

Pictured with both sculptures is Skull Rock, a gift given to registered convention guests upon registering for the 2003 Celebration of Walt Disney Art Classics aboard the Disney Cruise Line®, May 15-18, 2003. Skull Rock was a Limited Edition of 500.


Timon said...

I have Skull Rock, but due to space limitations, I hadn't planned on the other two pieces. But seeing this grouping together makes me want to clear out some space somewhere.

Very well done, and I like Skull Rock much better with this group instead of with the Mr. Smee's Flight piece.

Duckman said...

Was comparing a section on the website that shows previous Peter Pan Releases and Skull Rock to Skull Rock with Mermaid Lagoon and Captain Hook with Tiger Lily, Mr. Smee and Croc and personally prefer the latter.

What would really add to this grouping is if they would do Wendy standing on the rock out in the water.

KingHubert said...

Don, this really makes a great grouping. I couldn't resist getting Peter with the Mermaids as soon as they were available, I may have to ad more now seeing how great this grouping looks.

Duckman said...

You know me Bob, always like to help people spend their money .. LOL!

Rustin Allison said...

That is a nice grouping. The mermaid scene looks great with all of these other pieces!

Rustin Allison

Duckman said...

Thanks! I created the image prior to seeing the two sculptures displayed together, thinking they would go well together.

Saw them displayed together in person while at WDW last week (Mermaid Lagoon and Captain Hook sculpts) and they work well with each other perfectly. Will definitely be adding both of these to my collection.