Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Captain Mickey Retires His Old Uniform and Debuts His New One!

In my blog entry on the Pirates of the Caribbean Adventures on the 7 Seas Lagoon WDCC Auction Offerings, one of the Auction Offerings was a pair of hand-painted finished porcelain Artist Proofs of two Walt Disney Classics Collection exclusives for the Disney Cruise Line®.

Captain Mickey: "Welcome Aboard!" (5-1/4" - red & blue uniform) was released in 2003 as part of the Celebration of Walt Disney Art Classics Event as an Open Edition release (SRP $99.00 US) and will be honored with retirement on Wednesday, May 23rd.

Captain Mickey: "Set Sail for Fun" (5" - white uniform) will be making his debut aboard the Disney Cruise Line® this summer also as an Open Edition release (SRP $99.00 US).

The original Disney Cruise Line® Captain Mickey was retired due to the Captain Mickey character on the ships has a costume update — the navy whites with the gold trim. Hence, the Cruise Line requested a new Walt Disney Classics Collection sculpture reflecting the updated costume.

Available only on the Disney Cruise Line®. Disney Cruise Line® exclusive merchandise lives only on board the ships :)


Jiminy4056 said...

I'm kind of surprised at the new Mickey. He almost looks like a Lenox piece. Also surprised he doesn't have a base... seems like he would be a bit unsteady.

Duckman said...

Given Mickey's new uniform is navy whites, there isn't much color and can see the comparison to Lenox.

I too was surprised no base, given the original had a base but don't see a problem the sculpture being unsteady. They've used this approach (no base) with Amos Mouse and he stands just fine as do those sculptures with a base.

Babette said...

I'm surprised Mickey has white shoes. Wonder if the 'real' Mickey on the cruise ship will also sport white shoes? Agree tho, it does look very much like a Lenox piece...maybe an attempt to lure over the Lenox collector market to the WDCC line?? hmmm...

Duckman said...

Since this sculpture is to reflect the costume change of Captain Mickey and was requested by Disney Cruise Line®, I don't believe it was an attempt to lure over Lenox collectors but simply reflect Captain Mickey's new costume.

If I recall correctly, Captain Stubing wore white shoes with his navey whites :)

Herc said...

Hi Don,
I don't think it compares to the Lenox line. Mickey in the dress whites will now reflect the new costume changes aboard the ships. Kinda glad they did a new one.

Since they didn't use a base, maybe they plan on adding the rest of the fab 5 plus chip and dale. I know they use the old fashioned white Navy top with the scarf with sailor hats. They would be a nice addition. The no-base look probably would go better with more pieces.

Obviously the original sold well so I can't imagine this one not doing the same. Hoping for new pieces aboard the cruise line.

Koen said...

It's nice, but it reminds me too much of Lennox. But i'm not a fab five character, so it doesn't bother me too much.

Timon said...

I'm thrilled I was able to get the first piece, and now I can't wait to get this one to go along with it. I don't mind that there isn't too much color.

I do wonder if they have to paint it white or have a special glaze for it, or if most of this piece is like what we see on the whiteware pieces.