Friday, May 18, 2007

Before Tortuga: Pirate Treasures from WDCC!

For t' past few months, many have been charterin' their course, ready t' set sail for Tortuga for WALT DISNEY WORLD® Resort's Pirates of the Caribbean Adventures on the 7 Seas Lagoon Event (May 22-25, 2007) seekin' t' Treasures of Tortuga!

For some attendees, this will be their second opportunity t' plummage exclusive Pirates of the Caribbean merchandise from t' Walt Disney Classics Collection.

In 2002, Walt Disney Art Classics hosted a Celebration of Walt Disney Art Classics at t' WALT DISNEY WORLD® Resort themed around t' Pirates o' t' Caribbean Attraction (March 23-25, 2000).

Pirates and Wenches alike had the opportunity to purchase the familiar “Dunking Scene” where one of the pirate leaders is interrogating the village’s mayor, consistently dunking the poor magistrate in the well. The "Dunking Scene" was a two-piece, Numbered Limited Edition of 1,500 matched, numbered set sculpted by Bruce Lau.

Landlubbers who signed on received a "Pirate's Life for Me!" Title Scroll (pictured above). The Pirate's Scroll (3") was sculpted by Bruce Lau. Each map has the Convention logo backstamp on the back with WALT DISNEY WORLD® logo and March 2000 underneath the Convention logo.

As ye set sail this weekend be watchin' those waters ... Aye Maties!

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Babette said...

Nice walk down memory lane building up for next week's convention! It'll be soo much fun with many of the conventionears in full pirate regalia, a rowdy crowd we be, aye!!! Keep to the Code!