Thursday, May 31, 2007

Daisy Turns In Her Baton!

Daisy Duck ("Twist and Twirl") from The Mickey Mouse Club, Limited to Production Year 2006 is now Sold Out!

Walt Disney Classics Collection introduced the Mickey Mouse Club sculptures in 2005. The first introductions were the Open Edition releases of Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and Minnie Mouse. Mickey's Nephew, a 2005 Dealer Show Exclusive and Limited to Production Year 2005 was also released.

Daisy (5-3/4") joined the club as part of the 2006 introductions that also included J. Audubon Woodlore and Humphrey the Bear (both Open Editon Releases). 2007 (thus far) we will see the introductions of Pluto and a porcelain Mickey Mouse Club Logo Plaque. All Mickey Mouse Club sculptures have been sculpted by Bruce Lau. Daisy has a SRP of $99.00 US.

Collectors should check with their retailer regarding availability since Daisy is no longer in inventory.


Jason S. said...

The Mickey Mouse Club opening sequence is growing to be a wonderful WDCC scene addition with a wide variety of characters; hope to see many more characters added.

Daisy is easily my favorite of the ones done so far, and as such, is becoming my first purchase from this scene. Wanted to make sure and snatch her up now that she's sold out, so I don't miss out on her later.

Any idea if Mickey's Nephew is also sold out since he was a 2005 selection?

Duckman said...

Daisy is a great addition to this scene and how I had hoped they would do her and purchased as soon as she was available.

Regarding Mickey's Nephew, he is not sold out at this time. He is considered on alert. I still have to pick up Mickey's Nephew myself.

Timon said...

Thanks for this bit of information. I was about to go and buy Daisy, and then I realized I already have her! (Green Box Syndrome). I love this whole scene, but don't have all the pieces yet, so I've refrained from displaying them.