Monday, May 14, 2007

Chernabog: Symphony of Evil

When the 2006 Numbered Limited Edition release of Chernabog was announced in 4th quarter, the image available was of the prototype. Today, the Image Gallery and Secondary Guide was updated with a final paint image of this amazing sculpture.

"Symphony of Evil" (10-1/2") is a Numbered Limited Edition of 1,000 sculpted by Ruben Procopio with a SRP of $650.00.

Trivia: Chernabog was animated by veteran animator Vladimir "Bill" Tytla, a true pioneer of Disney animation and honored by the Walt Disney Collectors Society in 2001 with the Animators' Choice release of Dumbo & Mrs. Jumbo ("Baby of Mine").


Sergio said...

Hi Don,

This is definitively my favorite WDCC piece and has a special place on the top shelf. It attracts my eye every time I pass by. The colors, the pose, everything works fine for me with this Cherny.

By the way, congratulations for this new section in your website! It is an easy source of past, present and even near future information about the line. Especially for collectors like me that live outside the States and can hardly attend any WDW meeting like this next POTC one.

Thank you!


Duckman said...

Hi Sergio,

Ruben did do a fantastic job on Chernabog. I had the pleasure of seeing the painted prototype last summer and was totally blown away.

This version definitely stands on its own merit and personally don't feel it takes away from the Disneyana version. I have the Disneyana version but haven't ruled out Ruben's version, just had to put on the back burner with so many awesome sculpts this year!

Thanks and glad you're enjoying the blog!