Monday, May 14, 2007

Watering Hole Drying Up!

The Numbered Limited Edition set from Disney's The Lion King featuring Simba, Nala and Zazu on a Base is now Sold Out!

In 2003, the Walt Disney Classics Collection unveiled this 4-piece Numbered Limited Edition Set. The boxed set included Simba (3-1/2"), Nala (3-3/4"), Zazu (2-3/4") and a routed Watering Hole Base (4-1/2").

The boxed set was a Numbered Limited Edition of 1,994 in honor of the year the film was released and was sculpted by Patrick Romandy-Simmons with a SRP of $250.00.

Each piece in the set had it's own title. "No One Saying See Here!" (Simba) "No One Saying Stop That" (Nala) "Now See Here!" (Zazu) "The Watering Hole" (Base).

Collectors should check with their retailer regarding availability since it is no longer in inventory.


KingHubert said...

Seems like it took a long time for this set to sell out. For having been such a popular film, it doesn't seem like the WDCC pieces have done all that well.

Duckman said...

I agree. The film's popularity hasn't translated as well as far as WDCC sculpts. I wonder if a lot has to do with the coloring, the characters by themselves are rather bland. The sculpts have been dead on but lack oomph due to muted, neutral tones of the color palette of the characters.

Personally, not a big fan of this film (probably in the minority) but did like this set, mainly due to the coloring and stylized look of the base. It pulled all the pieces together nicely.

My favorite from WDCC is the Tribute release of Mufasa & Simba ("Pals Forever") which didn't do well but overall, still feel an amazing sculpt.

Koen said...

I bought this set just one and a half years back in Disneyland Paris. I thought it was sold out everywhere and they just had the last to sell, but apperantly it took much longer to sell out. Now i can understand why the new limited editions are around 500/1000. I mean, if they would make a piece limited to 12500 like they did with tinkerbell, it would be around forever. Maybe some open edition pieces don't even come close to 12500. just a thought

Timon said...

Perhaps I should have been more specific on my "Wish List" items at the previous Conventions. I had always asked for a "I Can't Wait to be King" scene, but what I had in mind was towards the end of the song when Simba and Nala are on top of all the other animals. That would make a great Signature Series piece.

But I was very happy to see this scene when we were on the Cruise Convention. Given that I'm a huge Lion King fan, I bought this almost right away.

Hopefully we'll still see an "animal pyramid" scene someday!