Thursday, November 25, 2010

What a Day for a Wedding!

Oo-de-lally golly — what a day for a wedding! Jolly Friar Tuck was starting to think England didn’t have a prayer in the greedy paws of Prince John but now that heroic Robin Hood has triumphed, this ebullient cleric has the last chuckle as brave Robin weds beautiful Maid Marian.

As for Allan-a-Dale, this rhyming rhythmic rooster is a minstrel, and that is, as he explains
himself…”an early folk singer, and my job is to tell it like it is…or was…or whatever”. Naturally, this plucky minstrel is on hand to sing out the joyful news in his own laid-back way.

Allan-A-Dale (sculpted by Jacqueline Perreault Gonzales and plussed
with bronze legs and wire lute strings), makes this glorious wedding or any occasion something to crow about and Friar Tuck (sculpted by Bruce Lau) join the previously released wedding scene from Robin Hood marking their Walt Disney Classics Collection debut!

Both Allan-A-Dale ("Rural Raconteur") and Friar Tuck ("Bemused Badger") are Limited to Production Year 2011.


Matthew said...

For the folks that declare "WDCC never does scenes anymore"... I beg to differ!

This is a great SCENE! Love the coloring on Allan-A-Dale, and Friar Tuck's happy expression compliments the mood wonderfully!

Duckman said...

I agree 100% Matthew! The Wedding Scene from Robin Hood has evolved into a really great scene and the opportunity to see some rarely seen characters done. Long time collectors beg for these esoteric characters, let's hope they support them this time around!

Love the coloring and pose of Allan-A-Dale and liked Friar Tuck from 1st viewing. Problem for me, due to lack of space, my Robin Hood pieces are packed away. These new releases are giving me incentive on how can I display them again!

Gregory said...

Not a Robin Hood collector, but bravo to the WDCC for taking on these secondary characters. Allan-a-Dale especially is a well done piece.

Babette said...

I love the Alan-a-Dale piece. I think he's going to be the perfect companion piece to go with my Chicken Little WDCC sculpt. I doubt I'll ever get more WDCC from Chicken Little (I love that movie!), so Alan will have to be his 'adopted' Dad.

Koen said...

Very happy with the pieces. Was hoping so long that they would be made.

And Babette, nice seeing that i'm not alone in loving Chicken little. It seems everybody hates it, and i don't know why, it's fun, it's cute, great animation...

Herc said...

Wonderful addition to this scene. Now I gotta go and find Robin and Marian. Darnit, I knew I should have just bought it when it came out. Love this secondary character addition. Bold move and wonderful decision.