Thursday, November 25, 2010

He's My Friend!

Gazing tenderly at the image of her beloved Beast as enchantingly conjured up by the Magic Mirror, Belle attempts to convince the frightened townspeople that they have nothing to fear from the seemingly ferocious figure, for the lovely princess-to-be sees her spellbound Prince through the eyes of love.

As the heroine of a new fairy tale, this bookish beauty was celebrated as a new kind of Disney leading lady. “We tried to make Belle more European looking with fuller lips, darker eyebrows and slightly smaller eyes,” revealed co-supervising animator James Baxter. “She’s also more worldly because she’s always reading.”

Plussed with pewter hands, legs and the lock of hair Belle so endearingly brushes back throughout the film, this graceful sculpture reflects the artistry of Beauty and the Beast in celebration of the animated classic’s 20th anniversary.

He’s Really Kind and Gentle. He’s my Friend., scheduled for Spring 2011 is Limited to Production Year 2011 and sculpted by Dusty Horner.


Matthew said...

The detail of the Beast's picture in the mirror is excellent!

Duckman said...

No one pays attention to detail like WDCC and really like how Beast's image is reflected in the mirror. It's these little touches that make them stand out!

Overall I like the concept of this sculpture and we finally have Belle's signature lock sculpted but there is something about her facially (like with Pinocchio) not setting well with me. Keeping in mind this is a prototype, will reserve judgement/deciding upon until seeing the actual sculpt in person.

Gregory said...

I love the level of detail in how the Beast's image appears in the mirror. But I agree with Don. Belle's face does not look right. Not sure why (rosey cheeks, paler complexion...something else?). But as Don stated, we are looking at a prototype, so some chages in this piece in its final version are likely.

Duckman said...

Those are specifically what I've been focusing on facially .. the fuller face, rosey cheeks and the shapeness of her eyes. Possibly being a little too picky but I've always been a face person and the human characters always seem to be the ones that is the hardest to be spot on. This is the area that I've always been the most critical. JTDO.

dopey926 said...

I absolutely love this piece! To me, when I look at it, it comes to life. We watched this scene from the movie, and she is captured spot on!!

Of course, I am thrilled that Dusty sculpted this piece. From the lock of hair to the plussing, this sculpt is sure to be a sell out.

As Don stated, no one pays attention to detail like WDCC, and that's what makes the Classics second to none!

Bob said...

So glad to have Dusty back........:)
And what a great return!!!!! I think he captured the moment perfectly.

My interpretation of Belle's expression is that she just realized she is truly in love with the Beast and must return to his castle.

I love the way Dusty sculpted Belle's hair, seems to be free flowing.

Great job Dusty.......

Babette said...

First have to say "YAHHHHHOOOOOOO", I finally got my Belle with that stray lock of hair!!! Definitely been waiting like 15 years for a version of Belle with that stray hair!!

I went and looked at the scene from the movie, and she does look spot on pretty much for her face. Her eyes are that half-open look since she's looking down at the mirror. The only thing is maybe the sculpt has her face a little wider but then again, I think we'd need to see more angles of the sculpt to twirl it a little more to the right to match the movie frame.

I think Belle's definitely one of the hardest faces to capture in both 2D and 3D. Her facial features change continuously through the movie, so it's always hard to find that right image of her. But since WDCC is all about being true to the scene from the movie, when looking at them tonite back and forth between the images on Don's site and the still movie frame, the face is pretty darn close.

She's my #1 must have piece from these releases of course! THANKS SOOOOOOOO MUCH WDCC for listening to my pleading/begging for that out of control lock of hair!!!!!!!

Duckman said...

Toni, Bob & Michelle,

Thanks for your assessment and review of this sculpt. It's been a LONG time since I've last watched Beauty and the Beast (my latest blu ray-dvd combo is still in the shrink wrap). Very encouraging to know the sculpture is spot on to the moment in the film. Going to try and watch this weekend to see for myself.

Koen said...

Love this piece. Finally a belle with the lock of hair. Didn't realise others were wanting this too. Always thought i was the only one who wanted a piece with the lock.

But on the other hand, we do have that lock of hair on the portrait series belle, but since no full sculpt, it doesn't realy count

Duckman said...

Hi Koen,

Checked out the image of the Portrait Series version of Belle and looks like the lock is part of the sculpture, more painted on the sculpture --

I think this version gives us a true representation of the lock falling in her face. JTDO.

Herc said...

I think just the fact that she is realizing that the Beast is her friend and she's possibly falling for him shows in the way her face is blushing. I love this piece and the way Dusty captured the beast in the mirror is a wonderful detail that other lines might not do. Michelle, are you still doing the happy dance?