Thursday, November 25, 2010

A Warm Welcome!

As loyal as she is lovely, Lady greets Jim Dear everyday with a captivating doggie trick: sitting up on her hind legs to welcome her cherished owner home and get a well-deserved treat.

Proud of her brand-new license tag—shiny symbol of her happy domesticity—this pampered pedigreed pooch is anything but spoiled, for she has a personality so loving it took three different
real-life dogs to inspire it: an adorable puppy newlywed Walt presented to his bride Lillian in 1925; story artist Joe Grant’s own affectionate cocker spaniel Jennie; and another beautiful cocker spaniel named Blondie who belonged to Lady and the Tramp co-director Ham Luske.

Warm Welcome, plussed
with a charming pewter license tag on her collar, sculpted by Jacqueline Perreault Gonzales, scheduled for Spring 2011 is an Open Edition release. This pretty Lady is the perfect pet for any collection!


Justin said...

I really love this piece. I know many may think "not another standalone" but as a newer collector I am attracted to pieces that have "action" in them as opposed to the Lady and Tramp event piece a few years back. Glad to have the chance to add Lady to my collection!

Gregory said...

I'm not a huge Lady and the Tramp fan....BUT - this piece is well done. I especially love the detail in her fur.

dopey926 said...

This piece is just precious! "Warm Welcome" says it all. It's so life like, that you feel as though she is going to bark any moment. The plussing adds that extra touch that you've come to expect from WDCC. And, the attention to detail in this piece should please collector's old and new.

Lady will be proudly displayed in our home once she is released!

Herc said...

Very cute and adorable. Is there anyone else in the scene or just Jim Dear? Very cute. Yes, I'm getting. Anyone surprised?