Thursday, November 25, 2010

Kissing Would Be Nice, Yes?

Under the twinkling New Orleans night sky, beautiful Tiana meets a most unlikely suitor suave, self-confident Prince Naveen, transformed by Dr. Facilier’s tragic magic into an equally debonair frog.

Naveen has
never worked a day in his life but now as a frog, he finds his greatest quest lies before him. Right now, though, he just wants a kiss—as usual.

Kissing Would be Nice, Yes., Limited to Production Year 2011 is plussed with ornate pewter replicating the animated classic’s New Orleans style architectural grace, this charming resin balcony detail complete with porcelain frog elegantly compliments dreamy Tiana.

Tiana, an Open Edition release sculpted by Kent Melton was released in September, 2009.


DisneyPixarFanatic said...

When is this going to be released?! We need to get this to go with our Tiana!

Duckman said...

Initial information released stated Spring 2011. Talking with one retailer, they were given an April target date. Hopefully we'll more specific release information soon.

A great companion piece for Tiana, really like the detail/expression on Naveen's face.

Disneyqueen said...

They look great together, explains why they choose Tiana in the blue dress.

Already on order.

Matthew said...

This is a perfect scene! The detail on the ironwork is amazing and the expression on Naveen's face is winning! Really captures his "frog" personality.

Great companion piece!

Duckman said...

Disneyqueen and Matthew - This is truly a great pairing and made a nice, little scene from this film.

As Matthew said, the detail on the ironwork is amazing and love Naveen's facial expression. Can't wait to add this piece to my collection!

Bob said...

What a fabulous addition to the Tiana sculpt!!!!!

I feel this is the pivotal scene to the rest of the film.
I agree with everyone as to Naveen's facial expression,
made me chuckle when I first saw him.....

Gregory said...

This is a wonderful companion piece for Tiana. It really makes a great "mini scene" Let me agree with everyone. Great expression on Naveen's face. Well done on such a small piece of porcelain. Another example of WDCC's drive to give us fans quality 3D sculpture.

I am a big PatF fan and I'm very excited to add this to my collection. I hope now we can see some of the Swamp characters (at least Louis please!)

dopey926 said...

As stated in prior posts, this is the perfect companion piece for Tiana. This will just add to the allure of Tiana. I loved Princess and the Frog, and am so pleased that there are more pieces coming from that film!

I, too, agree with everyone's comments about Naveen's expression. It is captured with perfection!

I'm so torn as to which character I would like to see next from this film. I have so many that come to mind, but I think Mama Odie would be my first choice, then Ray......

JValdez said...

Love this one. So simple, yet so much going on.

Babette said...

Really great expression on Naveen's face. Like this piece alot and will definitely be getting to go with Tiana. I'm glad PatF is getting good representation in the WDCC line!

Koen said...

I'm hoping an opening title will be added soon.

And i would love to see Charlotte, she's so funny

Duckman said...

I too am hoping we'll see an Opening Title added.

Charlotte is a great character and would love to see her done. Other characters I'm hoping we'll see are:

Mama Odie
Tiana & Naveen (both as Frogs together)

Herc said...

Wonderful addition. Glad it was suggested. I know I will be ordering two for our household since we own two Tianas. LOL. Naveen's expression is priceless. So glad this was added.