Thursday, November 25, 2010

Just Give a Little Whistle!

Knowing the star of Pinocchio had to be appealing, Walt Disney directed his artists to “win the audience to the little guy.” The lovable living puppet was enhanced with vocal artist Dickie Jones, who Walt said, had a “typical nice boy’s voice.”

Walt also created a cricket sidekick, but reported, “At first we made Jiminy sort of a pompous fellow – kind of a windbag,” but voice artist Cliff Edwards’ performance
had “so much life and fun in it that we altered the character to conform to the voice. Thus Jiminy
comes to the screen... lively and full of quips.”

Jiminy (the cricket-sized
sculpture is bronze) wants the
little woodenhead to call on him any time, so as the little
conscience cheerfully chirps, all Pinocchio needs to do is
give a little whistle.

Anytime you need me, you know, just whistle!, scheduled for Spring 2011 and sculpted by Bruce Lau is a Numbered Limited Edition (NLE) of 750.


Matthew said...

An excellent Jiminy miniature!

DC Pop Fanatic said...

As with the Timothy Mouse miniature on the upcoming Dumbo release, Bruce Lau did another amazing job on the miniature of Jiminy Cricket.

Something facially about Pinocchio isn't sitting quite right with me, so definitely need to see this one in person before making a final judgement/decision.

Gregory said...

Don - I think its the eyes because of the direction he is looking. At least thats what drawing my attnetion. I love the piece overall though (esp the minature Jiminy) but will probably wait to see in person before making a final decision.

DC Pop Fanatic said...

Hey Greg! Totally agree, especially after comparing the side angle to the angle pictured in the blog entry. Would love to see a few more additional angles. Like you, will definitely wait until I see in person before making a final decision.

Love this moment in the film, amazing detail in the Jiminy Cricket miniature, so truly hoping to add this one to my collection!

dopey926 said...

This piece is a must-have in my home! The intricate detail in the minature Jiminy is outstanding! Another great sculpt by Bruce.

I see what Don and Greg are talking about with Pinocchio's eyes, and agree that it is the side angle view.

I think this piece will sell out quickly.

JValdez said...

Have to agree. This one and Belle, there is just something awkward with the face. Perhaps it's meant to be Pinocchio after his dabble with Liquor and Tobacco?

Bob said...

I love it!!!! Maybe a bit bias on my part as I am a big Pinocchio fan and an even bigger Jiminy fan.

Bruce did a fabulous job on Jiminy. Can't wait to have this in our cabinet.......

Herc said...

It is such a cute sculpture.
I think Pinocchio's eyes look funny because of the angle of the sculpture. He's looking down at Jiminy in amazement. So very cute. Bruce is really doing a great job on the miniatures.