Monday, November 15, 2010

2010 Launch Party Weekend!

What an Amazing Weekend! Our WDCC Gang attended a 2010 WDCC Launch Party this past weekend at Gallery of the Lakes. We had the opportunity to preview the 2010 releases that will be arriving at dealers soon!

On display where the following:
If like many, you too were experiencing the withdrawals of Green Boxes :( What are Green Boxes you ask? For those unfamiliar with the Walt Disney Classics Collection (WDCC), the sculptures are packaged in a teal green box and for those of us who collect this line, it's like Christmas Morning when one arrives!

Each and every piece was beautifully done, was so hard to pick a favorite .. Dumbo, such an adorable piece! ... Nephews & Tree, such amazing detail in this piece, one you can stare at for hours! This is what I LOVE about WDCC, the attention paid to detail. Wait until you see the ornament boxes in person! ... Scrooge & Daisy, the execution of this piece was handled perfectly! Scrooge peering through the window, the frost on the window panes, fully sculpted him on the other side of the window. Awesome edition to the already Amazing Mickey's Christmas Carol Series! ... Gus & Jaq, the determination in their faces! ... Bambi & Thumper, simply the sweetest of this grouping. This sculpture in both style and execution was like stepping back to the beginning of this line!

It may have been a long wait but what stuck out for me, these pieces were not rushed! There is so much detail in them and the quality is 100% there!

To my WDCC Friends/Family, what an amazing weekend with you guys!

I'd like to thank my friend John for taking a video of all the sculptures on display and Amanda for helping me clean out the background sound and add audio.

This video below will give you a good comparison of the size of the sculptures as compared to one another.


Matthew said...

So great that you were able to see the pieces in person! While I've been anticipating others more (Pegasus Family, Song of the South), from the pictures above I think my favorite is the Nephews with the Christmas Tree! You're right, Don, what amazing detail! Can't wait to see more!

Duckman said...

Hey Matthew!

I liked Nephews & Tree from the pictures but was blown away when I actually saw in person. Photos do NOT do this one justice!

The detail in the tree is amazing from the Toy Soldiers to the Gingerbread Men. As mentioned in my blog entry, the detail plus 'realness' of the ornament boxes is what stuck out to us.

This is a great addition to Mickey's Christmas Carol but for those who haven't done the series, this piece can stand alone on it's own as a fun, holiday sculpture. I pre-ordered mine immediately!!

dopey926 said...

First, let me start by saying that it was an amazing weekend with amazing friends.

A BIG THANK YOU to Traci for shipping out (quickly) the pieces to the Gallery so that we would be able to see them.

To say that all the pieces are amazing in their own right is an understatement. As with any WDCC piece, the pictures do not do them justice.

Bambi & Thumper is just beautiful. Both characters are spot on, and the detail is incredible.

Though we are not Fantasia collectors, the Pegasus Family piece is sure not to disappoint. It is so intricate in detail.

Dumbo is another detailed piece. Timothy comes to life when you look at him. For his size, he is a giant in detail!

The Christmas pieces are all exceptional. The Nephews & Tree piece is another filled with intricate detail from the ornaments on the tree, to the ones in the boxes at the base. No detail was overlooked in making this piece, and it is one that leaves you amazed by it's detail.

Cinderella & Prince Charming with it's plussing is beautiful. The real pearls make this piece extra special.

As you stated, Don, these pieces are all 100% in quality and most certainly worth the wait. Everyone has experienced the withdrawals, but with these pieces coming in the not too distant future, collector's should be delighted to have waited for the quality that makes the WDCC second to none.

I could have stared at the pieces in the case for hours, and surely can't wait to display them in our home!

A special thanks to Traci and her co-workers for making it possible to see them, and to Ray, Elaine, Gary and Tammy for an amazing weekend! Love you all

Chadwick Land said...

I enjoy your blog. I found The Gallary through your website and am amazed by their customer service. I too look forward to adding the Chritas carol pieces to my collection. I did not realize how big Dumbo was.

Duckman said...

Thanks! Appreciate that!

The Christmas Carol pieces are very well done. This might be the best Daisy done to date and really like how they handled the window treatment with Scrooge peering through the frosted glass. The Nephews & Trees, can't say enough good about that piece. I'm sure I'll be talking about it in almost every reply .. lol

Yes, Dumbo is quite large compared to previous Dumbo releases. The expression on his face is priceless and Bruce Lau did such an amazing job on Timothy as Toni posted. Timothy is very detailed. I wish this piece was available this past weekend, as it would have been coming home with me!

Matthew said...

Dumbo is so cute! This is the best miniature Timothy yet from WDCC.

Thanks for holding the piece, Don. Gives us a great idea of the size!

I can see some of the branches of the Halloween tree from NBC... looks VERY COOL!

I want to add my thanks as well to Traci and her team! Wonderful work as always! Really appreciated!


jmbunkyjr said...


Everything looks real nice. Very nice Blog entry too BTW.

I can't wait to get these pieces finally over the next few months!


Gregory said...

WOW - its so great to once again see a flood of green boxes.
These pieces look wonderful. A few comments on the pieces:

- Jaq and Gus - amazing detail work on the face.

- Sally's Tree. Wonderful. How far the line has come that can give us such a delicate and unique piece.

- Nephews with Tree: The level of detail bot on the tree and in the boxes under is simply fantastic.

I'm so sorry I missed getting to the gallery to see these pieces and all of you guys in person this past weekend. However, I'm thrilled to see these pieces online and to know they will soon be available for all to enjoy. Its so wonderful to see the WDCC line continues to be the hallmark in 3D sculpting for us Disney collectors.

dopey926 said...

The video is amazing! John, you did a fabulous job capturing all the pieces. Thanks to Amanda for helping Don post it. I think it will give collectors a great perspective of them all.

And, I was remiss in mentioning this in my earlier post....I LOVE TINK!!! So glad we ordered the whiteware, too!

Herc said...

It was a wonderful surprise to see the pieces at Gallery of the Lakes over the weekend. Each and every one of them is beautiful in their own way. The intricate detail of the Christmas tree as well as the ornament boxes on the floor as well as in one of the nephew's hands was astounding. It brings back childhood memories for sure. As said previously, the detail on the gingerbread and toy soldiers is wonderful.
I'll comment on different pieces later. I just wanted to let everyone know how wonderful GOTL was to have such a unique event just to "kick start" the line again.
Absence makes the heart grow fonder and in this case, the absence of green boxes at my house has not gone un-noticed. It's nice to know that the sea of teal green will again be flowing.


Herc said...

A huge shout out to Traci at Enesco for letting these wonderful pieces to be previewed. We know that most are not in final form as these are the samples, but the representation is wonderful.

I'm sure we're in for some great things in 2011. Bring on the green boxes!!

Bob said...

Great job as always with the blog posting, thanks for all the work, it really is appreciated.

What a weekend, great friends, more food than we could eat and then you put WDCC in the mix how much better can it get!!!!!!

All I can say about the pieces we had the pleasure to view this weekend is WOW.......I could have pulled up a chair in front of the cabinet they were displayed in and looked at them all weekend...LOL

For all those who are thinking WDCC is dead or the quality of the line is waining you better think again. In my opinion these pieces are a knockout.

Bambi & Thumper- I felt like I was in the meadow with them munching on the clover.

Pegasus Family- the babies are so darn cute, the colors so vivid and mother Pegasus so majestic.

Dumbo-This piece brought an immediate smile to my face.....:) as others have said the detail in Timothy being so small is truly a testament to the talent the sculptors of WDCC have.

Scrooge & Daisy-My eye was drawn to the expression on Scrooges face as he peers thru the glass, this captured the moment perfectly.

Nephews & Tree-What a great job Ruben did on the detail of this piece. The ornaments on the tree were truly amazing. Seeing the partitioned ornament boxes on the floor brought back memories of decorating the tree when I was young, as all the ornaments were packaged in this type of box.

These were truly worth the wait.

Thanks to Traci and all at WDCC who scurried around to get the pieces to GOTL in time for the weekend.
And of course thank you Ray, Elaine, Tammy and Gary for your amazing hospitality and making us all feel at home in your shop.

I have started making room for these pieces already.

I'm sitting on our front porch waiting for GREEN BOXES......LOL

Babette said...

As with all the Gallery events, it was a fun time had by all! I concur with what everyone else has said. Thanks to Traci and the WDCC team for shippiing out the samples on spur of the moment notice. And to Ray, Elaine, Gary and Tammy for displaying them so beautifully at the Gallery.
I'm not a Bambi collector, but I think this may be the best Bambi piece done to date. The scale and size of Bambi and Thumper are perfect, and the thistle flowers are just amazingly well done, each sticking out of the ground on a little stem.
And as everyone has said, us Baby Boomers all related to the Christmas ornament boxes being held by the nephews and laying under the tree. They struck a chord with all of us, as that was the 'normal' storage boxes for our family ornaments. It was the ritual of spreading them out on the floor and then decorating the tree that brought back many family memories while looking at the WDCC sculpt. That one little detail all tugged at everyone of our hearts.
I could go on, but I have to get ready for work...will add more later.

Tink302 said...

Pictures do not do justice to how touching all these pieces are in person. Mickey's Christmas Carol is one of my all time favorites and I watch it without fail every Christmas. The details of the decorations on the tree are amazing and the Donald in window and Daisy pieces convey the heart of those moments in the film. I absolutely loved all 3 pieces and am wishing for a Fezziwig piece down the line to go with them! Tinker Bell on the poinsettia was also a favorite of mine. I can't wait to see what the other two seasons will bring!
Many thanks to Traci, everyone at the Gallery and our wonderful friends for making these weekend a great time!

Jehna (AliceGirl23) said...

I wish I had known that so many people were going! I didnt get the newsletter, its probably stuck in the mail at my moms house where i get all my deliveries... By the time I found out this event was going on it was too late to make dog sitter arrangements for the day. Hopefully next time I can be there!

JValdez said...

Great pictures and video. Absolutely love Sally with Tree and Nephews & Tree.

Thank you for all the info!

Jehna (AliceGirl23) said...

Did they mention why Yzma wasnt displayed?

Duckman said...

Matthew - You're Welcome! Thought it would help give a better perspective of it's size.

Jimi - Thanks!

Greg - I think they've done an excellent job with Gus & Jaq over the years but this might be my favorite. Love the determination in their faces.

The photos (and video) truly don't capture the detail in this piece.

JValdez - Thanks! Appreciate the kind words on both the photos & video.

Jehna - We too noticed Yzma was missing, so I inquired since returning home and received the following update on Yzma's status:

The first shipment of Yzma is scheduled to leave Thailand on Monday! Subsequent shipments will be leaving in the next couple of weeks (the full edition is not received in one shipment).

Typically takes 35-40 days to arrive (goes by sea, customs, by rail, etc.) and then arrives to start shipping to retailers. Collectors can expect her to start arriving at retailers in January.

Hope this helps!