Thursday, November 25, 2010

Meet the Shadow Man!

Oozing with Southern charm and deceptive promises, magical, mystical Dr. Facilier is the deceitful voodoo man who masks his dark purposes with an underhanded pledge to make dreams come true.

musical, he’s threatening, he’s tall, he’s lean, he’s thin,” observes supervising animator Bruce Smith of this versatile villain. “He can be very sweet. He’s handsome. He’s graceful. And I think all that stuff is, in very contemporary animation anyway, rare to see in that type of villain.”

Sinister Shadow Man sculpted by Patrick Romandy Simmons is plussed with pewter and a
glass bead topping his sinister staff. This shadowy figure is being a honored as a truly classic baddie and is the 2011 release in the scary-but-sought-after Disney Villains Series.

Dr. Facilier, scheduled for Spring 2011 is a Numbered Limited Edition (NLE) of 500.


DisneyPixarFanatic said...

We knew Dr. Facilier would be released! Soo excited, need to get it!

kissynose said...

I'm very happy with this round of releases. I'm just wonedering why there have been no pixar releases lately v

Duckman said...

This announcement is a nice assortment. Not really sure why nothing more from Pixar. I don't believe releases from A Bug's Life and The Incredibles did very well.

I would really like to see something from Up and even though diecast has does such a great job, would love to see something from Cars, specifically a porcelain Mater.

Matthew said...

I really like the detail on Dr. Facilier... his necklace, hat and cane. Great pose as well!

Duckman said...

Matthew, very excited about this piece! Patrick did a truly great job on this sculpture!

Very glad to see the Villains Series continue!

Being a Princess and the Frog fan, more than happy with the great sculptures we're getting from this film. Fingers crossed we'll eventually see Mama Odie and Louis!

Justin said...

One of my favorites from this group of releases! Very excited we have the chance to add this character from a very recent movie.

Bob said...

Don great job with the images!!!!!

I'm so happy WDCC did this piece, what a great tribute to the return of hand drawn animation.

Patrick did a great job with it, I think he captured him perfectly, as Matthew said the details are fantastic.

Can't wait to have him in our cabinet!!!!!!!

Gregory said...

This is the one piece from this round of releases I am MOST happy about and most excited to buy! Patrick really captured this character flawlessly.

dopey926 said...

Don, as always, you did a fabulous job with the images!

Patrick did a great job in capturing this character, as previous postings have said. This piece is sure to be a highly sought after one.

The piece is very detailed, and the plussing is amazing! This will be a very nice addition to our Princess and the Frog collection!

JValdez said...

A very nice piece. Probably my favourite in the new batch.

I would love to see some companion pieces to this featuring Facilier's Voodoo Dolls & Shadow demons.

Herc said...

Wow, I cannot wait to get Facilier. We are big PATF fans at our house, but not sure how my daughter will take to him. My son loves his songs with the drum beats. Patrick did a great job and the angle is fantastic. Really looks like his weight is on the back leg. His expression is priceless. More from PATF please esepecially Ray and Louis. Oh yea, Mama Odie. And when Naveen and Tiana are frogs on the raft. Oh and my daughter requests Tiana and Naveen at their wedding in the beautiful green dress.
Back to Facilier, another wonderful portrayel of another Disney villain.