Friday, June 4, 2010

At a Disney Park not so far away…Jedi Knight Mickey Mouse!

The creative “Forces” at Disney Parks, Lucasfilm, and Walt Disney Classics Collection proudly present this new collectible sculpture.

Using the same principles applied to classic Disney animation and hand-crafted of kiln-fired porcelain with accents of metallic paint on the lightsaber handle, this impressive sculpture stands 6 ¼” tall and includes a Disney Certificate of Authenticity.

Hop on your landspeeders without delay setting course to the Disney Parks and/or for more information on how to make this very first Walt Disney Classics Collection Star Wars sculpture part of your collection.

Jedi Knight Mickey Mouse retails for $125 plus tax. Available to pre-order from Walt Disney Event Services at (407) 827-7600 while supplies last with initial deliveries starting in August and September 2010.


Babette said...

Luv Luv Luv Jedi Mickey!! Can't wait for the rest of the series to be released!! Mine is already on order, thanks to Jeff!!!

Duckman said...

As you know, not a fan of 'Star Wars' but will admit, this is a pretty cool sculpture .. think it could bring me over to the 'Dark Side'? ]:)

Congratulations to you and Jeff for getting yours on order already! Will be interesting to see what is planned for the balance of the series.

Gregory said...

Dear WDCC / Enesco Team......


I have wanted to see the WDCC tackle these Disney Star Wars mash ups for such a long time. This is an awesome little sculpture and sure to bring Star Wars fans into the ranks of WDCC collectors!

Some of the pieces I want to see in the future are:

Minnie Leah
Stitch Yoda
Storm Trooper Donald
Darth Goofy

Alex said...

Does anybody knows how to place an international order and how much the shipping costs will be?

Jason S. said...

Hi Alex,

If you can't call, you can try e-mailing them at and asking them about it. I do know international shipping to Canada is $100, so that would likely be your cost.

Jason S. said...


Not a fan of 'Star Wars' :( Well, let's hope this piece succeeds in swinging you over to the 'Dark Side'

Happy to see WDCC jumping into this series as just didn't have the room to be buying all those Star Wars/Disney Big Figs for display. Hopefully we'll see more figures by WDCC, especially Darth Goofy in his boxer shorts. :)

Duckman said...

Greg - Some great suggestions you listed. Would be cool if the Star Wars releases brought in new collectors that were not familiar with the line.

Given so many collectible lines have fallen to the wayside, nice to see the WDCC still has legs and going forward.

Alex - Hopefully Jason's response to your posting answered your questions. If not, please let us know.

Jason - Nope, not a Star Wars fan and no plans on becoming one :)

We were told Jedi Mickey is the first in a planned series, so will be interesting to see what/when the next release will be announced. Wondering if an annual release is planned to coincide with Star Wars Weekends?

Thanks for responding to Alex's question. Can always count on you to appear when a question is asked and answer/help out when needed :)

Alex said...

Hi Jason, Hi Don,

thanks for your answer. I would love to buy one, but 100$ for s&h is really much. And there will be additional import tax here in Germany.

Duckman said...

Hi Alex,

Am curious why Disneyland Paris won't be getting any, would that make it easier for you?

Since not a Star Wars fan, do they do anything similar at the Paris park in the way of Star Wars Weekends like here in the US?

Alex said...

Hi Don,

great idea to have a look here in Paris. Hopefully they still have one when we are visiting DLP in autumn. By the way: no we don't have a Star Wars weekend or something like that here in Europe.

Duckman said...

Hi Alex,

Will inquire with Enesco to see if any will be available in the overseas parks. Since an Open Edition, not like there is an allocation to deal with.

Do you know if any of the Pirates of the Caribbean Series were available overseas? Didn't know if strictly a US release.

Duckman said...

Hi Alex,

Followed up and was told the following:

There are no current plans to offer WDCC Jedi Knight Mickey Mouse through Disney's international theme parks for the initial release but there is the possibility for 2011.

Hope this helps. Will keep you posted/updated, should I hear anything more.