Monday, June 14, 2010

Pegasus Family Sighted!

The Pegasus Family has been sighted at the Art of Disney (Magic Kingdom and Downtown Disney) at Walt Disney World! Thanks Matthew for the heads up! Talked with my BFF's Bob & Toni via Twitter who are at Walt Disney World right now and they saw it last night. They said it was 'Great!' and "Big!' Hopefully they'll be able to check in and give us more details.

The Pegasus Family ("Mythic Menagerie"), sculpted by Kent Melton is a Numbered Limited Edition (NLE) of 500. Sculpture is scheduled for a Spring, 2010 release.


Matthew said...

So looking forward to this piece!

Bob said...

Saw this piece at Art of Disney at DHS and at MK.
Kent did a great job with this piece. When I first saw pictures of the piece I thought the red was a little bit overpowering but seeing it in person I think it's right on.
The little Pegasus are so cute and Mama Pegasus looks really majestic. It is a large piece. I don't think anyone would be disappointed with this one.
I don't do Fantasia but I'm really considering this one....

Duckman said...

Matthew - Have been looking forward to this piece since seeing the 1st images of it!

Bob - Thanks for the review, very much appreciated! It really helps those collectors unable to see in person and only have images to rely on.

Like you, initially felt the red was a little overpowering but glad to hear not so in person.

Kent has done an amazing on all the Fantasia pieces he's done to date. Looks like he has another winner with this one!

Sounds pretty big, sounds like you need to allow a good size display area to showcase properly?