Friday, June 18, 2010

Latest Additions to the Mickey's Christmas Carol Series

Ebenezer Scrooge (portrayed of course by Scrooge McDuck) is discovering the Christmas spirit the hard way—revisiting his past by gazing through the window of Fezzywig’s Tea Shop.

In this charming version of the Dickens classic put on by Mickey and his friends, many Disney favorites put in a welcome appearance, including glamorous Daisy who portrays the young Scrooge’s ladylove, Isabelle,
bedecked in her holiday best.

Also at play at Mr. Fezzywig’s party are Huey, Dewey and Louie, putting a festive final touch on the Christmas
tree and like Scrooge and Daisy, bringing holiday merriment throughout every season.

Scrooge and Daisy ("Reflections of Christmas Past"), sold as a two-piece set and Huey, Dewey & Louie with the Christmas Tree ("Holiday Helpers"), sculpted by Ruben Procopio are Limited to Production Year 2010.


Matthew said...

This scene just keeps surpassing my expectations every year!

I love the color on Daisy. I love Scrooge looking through the window... the detail of snow and frost on the panes.

The tree is absolutely beautiful!

Looking forward to this series continuing!

jmbunkyjr said...

I agree Matthew! This is THE best xmas set they have ever ever done! Awesome! All of them together is going to be great at the holiday.

PS Don, nice job with you presentation of everything!

jmbunkyjr said...

wonder if the ornaments come off like the L&T tree? I like decorating it each year! :)


Duckman said...

Matthew & Jimi - I know for many years, collectors asked for WDCC to consider doing full size figurines and this series has not disappointed. From the initial releases to Scrooge & Marley and Jiminy Cricket to these two upcoming releases, it's really fleshing out the story.

I know repeat characters are a complaint of some collectors but rather hard to get around it with this film, as Scrooge appeared in almost every sequence.

I really like the window treatment of the facade, how it's detailed on both sides and you couldn't ask for a cuter Daisy/Isabelle.

The Christmas Tree is a nice touch, since other than Donald/Fred, this is the first appearance of Christmas in the series thus far.

Jimi - Thanks, much appreciated. It's my understanding the ornaments are part of the tree, that you are not able to decorate the tree as you did with Tramp & Tree and the B&W Mickey and Minnie set.

jmbunkyjr said...

Hey Don! I don't mind seeing scrooge multiple times. I mean he's the main character and all. It tells a story when you look at the pieces over the years.

Art Partners Collectibles Inc. said...

great to see another xmas tree, this is a WINNER...cant wait to see it, i do hope the quality of the work is good., Ruben sculps so perfect but the foundry does not cast as great, looking forward to seeing this one.