Wednesday, June 30, 2010

2010 Calendar Update

As this year's releases were announced, they were categorized as Spring, Summer and Fall releases.

For those who like to track when the pieces were actually released, as each product hits retailers, I will update the 2010 Calendar accordingly.

To date, all the releases that were part of the Spring, 2010 releases have arrived at retailers except for Yzma. The Pegasus Family has been sighted at Walt Disney World and overseas but haven't heard of any US retailers receiving as of yet.

Received a newsletter today from Gallery of the Lakes and they mention the upcoming Tinker Bell and Inkwell to start arriving the 1st week of July. She is the 1st of the Summer 2010 releases to start to hit retailers.


Art Partners Collectibles Inc. said...

Don, we have received all the Pegasus family over 2 weeks ago and have sold out that fast also,
EVERYTHING that Enesco is doing is back ordered, NOTHING they say will arrive on time, they are slated for the summer releases in September if we are lucky, there is a lot of problems at the headquarters and I have heard some heads may roll because of it, and the Tink actually we have been told today is NOW scheduled for July 15th.....that is if we are lucky, All collectors should know, dont believe what you hear at this point

Duckman said...

Thanks for the update on the Pegasus Family. Nice to hear that it has arrived here in the States at retailers.

Congratulations on selling thru your allotment of the Pegasus Family. You mentioned in an earlier reply, doing well with the upcoming Sally sculpt from Tim Burton's Nightmare Before Christmas. What is a typical allotment for you?

Haven't heard any rumors regarding problems at headquarters. Was never one to put much stock in rumors, prefer to wait for an actual, factual announcement.

Other than the Gallery of the Lakes newsletter mentioning Tinker Bell & Inkwell arriving 1st week of July, haven't heard anything else on other product. Will follow up with Ray regarding your update on Tinker Bell.

Art Partners Collectibles Inc. said...

Don, our allotments is usually 8-10 when they do impose an allotment, we do have a large amount of collectors that buy NBC so go through the pieces quick,
The rumors are truth, they has been a shakeup at headquarters and the public wont find out about it, do dont expect any announcment.. There is too much WRONG with enesco and too many problems and something had to be done! we wait and see,