Wednesday, June 16, 2010

WDCS Collector Appreciation Celebration!

Walt Disney Classics Collection has announced a special Collector Appreciation Celebration opportunity for eligible WDCS Members-Only pieces taking place at participating authorized WDCC retailers. An email blast will be sent to all active members whose email address was on file with the Walt Disney Collectors Society.

This special promotion begins today, Wednesday, June 16th and includes the following Members Only releases:

("Did the Young Prince Fall Down?) - 2004 Instant Redemption Sculpture $20.00US

Sheep ("Curious Companion") - 2005 Instant Redemption Sculpture

Tinker Bell in Lantern ("Pixie in Peril") - 2005 Open Edition Sculpture

Ariel ("Seaside Serenade) - 2006 Membership Renewal Gift $50.00US

Scuttle ("Muddled Mentor") - 2006 Instant Redemption Sculpture $20.00US

Blue Fairy & Pinocchio ("The Gift of Life is Thine") - 2006 'Of Dreams & Magic' Sculpture

Nemo & Gurgle (I"m From the Ocean") - 2006 Figurine Sculpture $65.00US

Cinderella ("Wistful Dreamer") - 2007 Membership Renewal Gift

("Canine Confidante") - 2007 Instant Redemption Sculpture $20.00US

Peter Pan and the Mermaids ("Spinning a Spellbinding Story") - 2007 'Of Dreams & Magic' Sculpture $199.00US

Ursula at Vanity ("Devilish Diva") - 2007 Villains Series Sculpture $140.00US

Horace & Jasper ("Bumbling Baduns") - 2007 Commission Only Sculpture $160.00US

Donald Duck ("Happy Camper") - 2008 Membership Renewal Gift

Nephew Duck
("A Real Trooper") - 2008 Instant Redemption Sculpture $20.00US

Belle with Enchanted Rose
("Forbidden Discovery") - 2008 'Of Dreams & Magic' Sculpture $130.00US

Wendy ("Peter! Oh, Peter!") - 2008 Commission Only Sculpture $70.00US

Johnny Appleseed
("Johnny Appleseed") - 2008 American Folk Heroes Sculpture $85.00US

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Bob said...

Thanks for the update.
The only pieces we are missing is the Sheep companion piece and Blue Fairy & Pinocchio.
Just emailed our order to Ray.

Duckman said...


You're welcome! BTW, LOVE the new avatar!

Congrats on both the Blue Fairy & Pinocchio and the Sheep. We never got around to picking up Johnny Appleseed when released, so contacted Ray yesterday and he's on his way! Looking forward to his arrival.

Grumpwurst (Ray) said...

Darn it! The one members-only piece that we ever wanted (Belle w/Enchanted Rose) is on that list and we aren't members.

We were pretty much told that it would never be re-released and we'd have to find it on the re-sale market so we never saw a need to join. Oh well