Friday, June 18, 2010

Magic Feather Surprise!

“Right from the beginning Dumbo was a happy picture,” said Walt Disney, and the little star of that classic film sports a suitably happy smile in this all-new sculpture.

Perched high atop a burning-building set in the Big Top before a big city audience, the precious baby pachyderm, wonderfully winsome in full clown makeup, is thrilled because he’s about to make the leap into a flight of faith leading him to fame, showbiz success and best of all, a joyful reunion with his mother.

Complete with his littlest yet biggest cheerleader Timothy Mouse and the rarely portrayed confidence-granting “magic feather,”Dumbo is sure to inspire soaring spirits in everyone who he smiles upon.

Dumbo ("Are They in for a Surprise" "Got the Magic Feather?"), sculpted by Bruce Lau is a Numbered Limited Edition (NLE) of 750.


Matthew said...

An absolutely adorable piece from Bruce!

The expression on Dumbo is priceless.

I love that Timothy is so much more detailed than the miniatures before.

Great color on this piece!

jmbunkyjr said...

Awsome! At least we got something from the circus!


Duckman said...

Matthew - An absolutely adorable piece, might be my 2nd favorite Dumbo in the collection.

As you mentioned, love the overall coloring of the piece and the detail that Bruce captured in Timothy Mouse.

Dumbo being one of my favorite characters, not to mention my favorite film, can't wait to add this one to my collection!

Jimi- I too was glad to see the Circus Sequence FINALLY represented. Would still love to see the Ringmaster done.

jvaldez said...

This piece is fantastic. The detail and character expression it captures is wonderful. I may have to add this to my slowly but surely growing collection.

Duckman said...

Hi JValdez,

Couldn't agree more. Bruce did a great job on both characters in this sculpt. Can't wait to add Dumbo to my collection as well.

You mention your collection slowly growing? Do you focus on or multiple films in your collection?

jmbunkyjr said...

I think we'll see the ringmaster. At least I hope we do. I think if this piece does well he would be a nice addition for us collectors.

jvaldez said...

Hi Duckman

I don't really have any set focus or theme to go by. It really depends on the Character/Movie that's featured and the expressions/scene/authenticity/etc that comes through the Piece.

It all started a few years ago with my Purchase of Chernabog-Symphony of Evil at Disneyland (I'm a big Villains fan). Ever since then my Fiance and I have been trying to add one or two pieces each year. We both agree this Dumbo piece is beautiful, and we'll definitely be looking adding it to our collection.

Titiflo said...

I would love to see some clowns added to that really adorable sculpture of Dumbo !

Duckman said...

Jimi - Hopefully Dumbo will do well as you mentioned and would have them consider doing the Ringmaster.

JValdez - Chernabog is a great sculpt to start your collection with and your focus in how you and your fiancee are collecting is the best way to collect. You end up buying those pieces you truly like and will enjoy for many years to come. I collect very much like you and we tend to focus on those films that are a favorite of my wife, daughter and myself.

Titiflo - Some Clowns would make a perfect addition to this sculpt. Would be nice from this sculpture, they would build a scene around it.