Saturday, June 26, 2010

'Beauty & the Beast' Special Offer

The Walt Disney Classics Collection notified Authorized Dealers on Thursday, June 24th of the 2007 Signature Series release from Beauty and the Beast ("The Curse is Broken") will no longer be offered. Instead, in response to repeated retailer and collector requests, they announced a special opportunity offering the remaining quantity of character sculptures to be sold individually.

I contacted Ray from Gallery of the Lakes this morning to inquire and ask a few questions. At the time of it's release, this Signature Series has quite a few breakage issues with the base and some breakage with Lumiere & Cogsworth (breaking at the necks) and Babette (the feather duster she's holding, breaking off). He commented no breakage with Mrs. Potts and only one breakage with Belle and Prince (breakage at the Prince's ankles).

Rather than destroy these pieces, they're being offered to authorized dealers to be sold separately. There are no bases available and and each sculpture will come with a revised Certificate of Authenticity.

Please Note: Retailers and collectors who purchased the original Beauty and the Beast Set will be the only customers to have Matched Numbered Limited Edition pieces with the elaborate base, numbered Certificate of Authenticity and hand-signed Signature Card from the sculptor Dusty Horner that originally shipped in two over-sized cartons.

With this new special offer, dealers will not be able to honor requests for matching limited edition numbers even if a retailer orders all four individual sku's at once.

Special Pricing is shown below.
  • Belle and Prince $350.00 SRP
  • Babette $125.00 SRP
  • Mrs. Potts & Chip $150.00 SRP
  • Cogsworth & Lumiere $199.00 SRP


Jehna (AliceGirl23) said...

ugh this is such a money making scheme again! :(

simba1814 said...

Duckman, Is Enesco phasing out the Classic Collection? First the elimination of the Society. Then not releasing of very many sculptures and the ones they do are REALLY limited. Then marking down members pieces and finally selling damaged pieces. Is there an end to my favorite collection?

Duckman said...

Jehnna - It does appear that Enesco is cleaning house, this offering following on the heels of TJMaxx and the recent MOP's.

For those collectors who passed on the Signature Series, whether it was due to size (the complete scene was huge), space, etc., this is opportunity for them to add to their collection. I for one passed, as the Enchanted Objects in Human Form are such an instance at the end, couldn't justify the space it would take to display. Saying that, with this offering, I plan on getting Belle and Prince as I don't have Belle in her blue dress represented with my Beauty and the Beast pieces (membership Belle in the blue, I have with my other membership pieces). I plan to purchase this sculpture to have Beast represented in both human and beast form.

Simba1814 - I haven't heard any rumors of Enesco phasing out the collection, last we were told at the end of 2009, they signed a three-year contract with Disney.

Given the recent economy, I'm sure many collectors when a cutback was needed, funds for collectibles dried up and this coincides with those dealers I've spoken too, sales compared to previous years/prior to the recent economic changes has had an effect. I'd much rather see less releases per year and if smaller edition sizes mean a piece will sell out vs. sitting in a warehouse and then be either dumped or offered at discount, I'd much rather see the former.

As far damaged pieces, it was my understanding the broken pieces were being eliminated from each set and the remaining good condition pieces were being sold individually.

Much rather see these pieces end up in the hands of a collector vs. being destroyed when there is nothing wrong with them and given they're taking the extra step to produce revised COA's, see some thought and effort went into this decision vs. just an opportunity for a quick money scheme :) JTDO

Art Partners Collectibles Inc. said...

They are cleaning house and discounting...OH WAIT i mean Client appreciation offers to get rid of old stock and bring in the $$$$$

dopey926 said...

In response to ArtPartners negative connotations: It never ceases to amaze how all of your comments are so downright negative with regard to Enesco and WDCC. Are you not a dealer of the line? Do you spew your venom to collector's that purchase product through you? If so, you must be in a spiral downfall.

As a business owner, are you not affected by the economy? Do you think that Enesco is not? Don't you think that it would be better to feed rather than bite the hand that feeds you? I am sure that Enesco would appreciate support from their dealers as we all go through these trying times. Obviously, they do not get any from you.

Quite frankly, I think you would be doing Enesco and yourself a favor to just stop carrying the line, then you don't have to spew your negativity each chance you get. Furthermore, I would highly recommend any collector that does purchase WDCC from you to take their business to a dealer who is reputable and still carries the love and support for the line.

I am sure there are other Boards that would welcome your remarks. However, I find them offensive and wish you would post elsewhere so that I don't have to be subjected to your venom at every turn.

JMHO! Have a nice day

Art Partners Collectibles Inc. said...

In response to your comments, i think the issue is you really are not aware of what is going on, you are only aware of what you are told and obviously believe it. I think i am getting the point that you don't like to hear the truth about this company and the problems it is having and PLEASE don't tell me about an economy when the company bought 5 other lines this year and many of us have to wait 6 months for a backorder, and you expect me to praise them for what they are doing. My success as one of the larger WDCC accounts in the US is due to my client service, hence the reason i have so many collectors, i dont pad the truth, i am honest and forth right, after 20 years of business my success is based on that, i am sorry you dont feel that way, but sometimes reality hurts and even when you love a collectible!

You sure did not have a problem when you bought your Toby Bluth Dopey and had exceptional service...

JMHO....You have a great 4th!

dopey926 said...

I'm not sure why the barb about my original Toby Bluth purchase from you. I never questioned your Customer Service. The one word that may have been taken as such was "reputable". I was and am very pleased with my art, and the transaction with you.

While I may not be privy to the inner issues of Enesco, I do know that the driving force behind the line puts her heart and soul in the Classics. No one breathes, eats or sleeps the line as she does. I consider her a close friend and one I will defend will all that I have.

I think we both have our points. However,I reitterate that I take great offense to your negativity of the Classics line and those responsible for its success or failures as you view them.

Art Partners Collectibles Inc. said...

Toni never did i say a word about Traci, i adore here and only wish that she had more influence in this line to keep it going in the way it should. You should know your facts first and whom i am talking about and not assume what you are not aware of.
I have been involved since its inception and you are pointing your great offense to the wrong person!!

Duckman said...

Mark & Toni - I think its time to take it to email. Thank You!