Sunday, May 9, 2010

Rubén Procopio - European Gallery Signing Tour 2010!

Rubén Procopio will be returning to Europe, after last visiting more than two years ago, to visit with old friends, make new ones and meet the European collectors and fans of Enesco's WDCC and Grand Jester Studio sculptures.

The appearance schedule is as follows:

May 9th - Drawing and sculpting demo at Nexus Six (Antwerp, Belgium)

May 12th - Question and answer presentation, a signing and the start of a charity eBay auction (see ad above) at Poohshop (Scheveningen, Holland)

May 13th - Signing and sculpting demo at Collectors Company (Rotterdam)

May 15th - Signing and drawing class at Collectors Closet (Ijmuiden)

May 16th - Signing and drawing class with a boat trip as well at Videoland (Dordrecht)

May 18th - Conclusion of auction that began on May 12th, winner receiving a personalized drawing of a Disney character of their choosing at Poohshop (Helmond)

May 22nd - Presentation by Tony Oxtoby, drawing class, signing and raffles at Castle China (Warwick, England).


Ritch said...

Hi Don,

How cool to read something here about Ruben visiting my country.
I also wanted to say that I always enjoy reading your blogs and that the Duckman site is really the best WDCC site there is. I hope I can enjoy it for many more years.

Best regards Richard
(The Netherlands)

Duckman said...

Hi Richard,

Thanks for the kind words, greatly appreciated!

Did you get an opportunity to meet Ruben? He's such an awesome guy! Always enjoy talking WDCC and DC Comics with him.

Hopefully anyone who had the opportunity to attend any of the signing events during his European Tour will drop in and give us an update!