Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Villains Series: Should it be Abandoned?

After the announcements were made, my friend Matthew and I were discussing the upcoming King Louie sculpture. With the announcement of the Walt Disney Collectors Society being suspended, Matthew wondered if this could have been the planned Villains Series release for 2010.

I didn't think so, as I never saw King Louie as a Villain. Did a little research via Google and stand corrected. King Louie is considered a Villain and one of three (3) Villains, Shere Khan and Kaa being the other two from the 1967 animated classic, The Jungle Book.

The Villains Series made it's debut in the summer of 1997 and over the years featured such Villains as Maleficent, Cruella DeVil, the Evil Queen, Scar and the Queen of Hearts to name a few. The initial releases, the Villain was in a 'setting' such as a turret (Maleficent), a bed (Cruella) and a throne (Evil Queen). Others were released as a stand alone with an 'accessory' item (Stomboli with a table, Jafar with his hourglass on a brick pedestal and the Old Hag with her potion table and cauldron) and some were done as a single sculpt (Queen of Hearts with rose tree and Shere Khan in the jungle). King Louie fits the style of some of the earlier releases where the character was part of the setting, so does you make you wonder if intended as the next release in the Villains Series??

Even though the Walt Disney Collectors Society has been suspended, I'd hate to see some of the series that were part of the Society be abandoned. Why couldn't the Villains Series continue, with the logo but no longer a members only release? The sculptures could be either a Numbered Limited Edition (NLE) or Limited to Production Year.

The packaging for Society pieces were no different than non-member releases, so see no reason for this series to be abandoned. Continue the series, either use the same logo (without members only being part of the backstamp) or come up with a new logo. There are still so many Villains that could yet be done, the Horned King from The Black Cauldron, Ratigan from The Great Mouse Detective and Dr. Facilier from The Princess and the Frog.


Herc said...

HI Don,
I agree that the Villains Series should continue. I don't think that King Louie was going to be this year's villain as last year we had Shere Khan from the same movie.
I think the Villains Series is the best received series. So many villains to add to the club.

Matthew said...

Would also agree that the Villains Series should be continued as a limited edition or a commissioned piece.

Have always loved the pieces that have some part of their setting included.

Behr said...

You know, I've been so saddened by all of this that I haven't commented but I so agree with you that the series' should continue just not include the members only in the backstamps.

I'm unfortunately feeling like our beloved line is headed for its end as the "writing on the wall" becomes more and more evident.

For a collector that has every single piece in the entire line and worked so hard over the last 15 years to make that happen, it is truly very very sad that Disney would go this direction.


I sure love the Jungle Book! It was the first movie I got to go see as a kid by myself with friends. What a great addition to Flunky Monkey! It will be displayed with pride next to the vinyl album soundtrack, 1967 movie poster & copy of the Jungle Book script! I have pre-ordered it and can't wait until Spring !
Next, we need Colonel Hathi, his wife Winifred and the Dawn Patrol to join Junior!

Duckman said...

Jeff-Good point! Quite possible they wouldn't have two villains from the same film back to back. They way in which King Louie was done, is very reminiscent in how a Villain has been handled in the Villains Series. So looking forward to this one!

Matthew-Either way would work for me. It's the one series in the WDCS that should not be abandoned or suspended. JTDO.

Geoffrey-Like you, very disappointed the decision was made to suspend the WDCS. Prefer it was suspended vs. discontinued, keeping that half glass full attitude, maybe a chance it could return. As for the demise, given a three year contract was signed, at least we know we'll get three more years, hopefully the economy will improve and we'll see it continue another three years and the WDCS would return. Some may scoff we're living with blinders on but prefer taking a positive vs. negative approach.

BIGDISFAN-The Jungle Book is one of my favorite Disney films, one of three I saw as a child. Holds a special place for me. Was watching a clip on YouTube and thought how cool myself the Flunky Monkey will look with this new King Louie. Am definitely up for more from this film, like all your suggestions!!

simba1814 said...

I hope that the Villains series does continue as they are my favorite characters and sculptures. After hearing the suspension of the Society my local retailer thought that Yzma was supposed to be this next years piece.