Sunday, December 20, 2009

Jiminy Cricket Finds Himself in Some 'Bubble Trouble!'

While Jiminy Cricket advised Pinocchio to always follow his conscience, it’s the cricket-conscience himself who follows the wooden puppet everywhere—even to the bottom of the sea, where the inquisitive but irresistible insect finds himself inside a bubble.

Jiminy Cricket ("Bubble Trouble"), an Open Edition release is richly plussed with exquisite details including a glass bubble, exquisitely capturing this classic character in a delightful yet rarely portrayed moment, and is truly worthy of Walt Disney’s animated masterpiece Pinocchio.

Scheduled for an April, 2010 release, the sculpture will bear a 70th Anniversary backstamp in honor of the film's release.


Matthew said...

I'm sure I'm biased (I love Jiminy!), but this is one really cool piece!

I love the setting with the starfish and the waving seaweed, but the bubble is great! I love how there is "water" inside and you can even see where the bubble has broken and water is flowing inside.

Thank you for this wonderful 70th anniversary piece! Hoping for more from Pinocchio!

jmbunkyjr said...

I really like this one too! It's pretty neat. I prop won't get it cause I don't have much Pinoc room left but it is nice.


Duckman said...

Matthew and Jimi,

Very cool piece. Huge fan of Pinocchio but like Jimi, with limited space will have to pass on this one.

The concept and execution is amazing!

dopey926 said...

Love the uniqueness of this piece. Can't wait to own this one as well!

Herc said...

This one is amazing. Cannot wait to see this one is person. Kudos for this new kind of concept.