Monday, December 21, 2009

Prep and Landing: New Holiday Special from Disney!

Was a weekend to do a lot of catching up, in spite of taking time to shovel, though we were so fortunate compared to a lot of friends in Mother Nature's first snowfall this year.

I missed Prep and Landing when originally aired but thanks to the Internet was finally able to catch it. My BFF's Bob & Toni saw previews on the Disney Cruise this past September and kept telling us, 'wait until you see this!'

A very enjoyable holiday short! Great characters, good story like only Disney can do! Prep and Landing (Official Title: Disney Prep and Landing) is a computer animated television special, based on an idea by Chris Williams at Walt Disney Animation Studios and developed by Kevin Deters and Stevie Wermers-Skelton
into a half-hour Christmas special. It first aired December 8, 2009 on ABC.

  • Director Kevin Deters' hometown is Quincy, IL, home to Deter's Dairy. During a scene in which Wayne is "being naughty" and making himself a drink, the milk carton Wayne is using has the Deter's logo.
  • The Longitude / Latitude coordinates for Timmy Terwelp's house are N 34' 9' 20" / W 118' 19' 23", which are the real-world coordinates of Walt Disney Studios in Burbank, CA, though a map seen earlier in the film depicts it to be in the middle of a storm covering New England.
  • Santa Claus' face is not revealed during the show, similar to the way Hollywood treated depicting Jesus during early films (only over-the-shoulder shots, or concentrating on his hands/actions).
  • Santa uses snow globes to look in on some of the "drop zones" much like in the Santa Clause series.
  • Tiny, Magee's "secret friend," has his own short adventure which can be seen on Disney's Official Site for the special.

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dopey926 said...

So glad everyone enjoyed this. We thought it was amazing. We have already watched it 5 times since it's first airing! Love Lanny & Wayne!