Wednesday, January 16, 2008

A Back View of Elliott-A 2nd Look :)

In addition to additional angles being added, I've also received sizing on Elliott. Elliott stands 10-1/2" tall and his footprint is roughly a circle, 8" in one direction and 9-1/4" in another direction.

Elliott, a Numbered Limited Edition of 750 sculpted by Ruben Procopio is making his WDCC debut (in animated form) next month.

"This sculpt was a lot of fun, it actually reminded me of my years at the studio sculpting maquettes. Its the type of pose I would have done if I had worked on this movie. I couldn't help but mimic Charlie Callas' voice while working on the piece, hope you have the same enjoyable experience." (Ruben Procopio)

Images of the unpainted resin can be seen at Ruben's blog, Masked Avengers Studios. This is my favorite of the non-member releases and what an amazing job done by Ruben, bringing this endearing character to 3D life. I like the subtle sense of movement in this sculpture plus Elliott's facial expression and the detail in the base.

A clip of Elliott from Pete's Dragon (courtesy of can be seen in this earlier blog entry.


Magic Mirror said...

I think Ruben is a great addition to the WDCC sculptor 'family'
I like the way he has captured the essence of Elliott.
I can't wait for a SW&7D sculpt from Ruben.


Duckman said...

Couldn't agree more Tony! Ruben has done some phenomenal work so far.

Hope to see Ruben doing something from Snow White so you could have something sculpted by him in your collection. Wouldn't mind seeing his versions of Snow White, the Evil Queen and the Hag.

Elliott will be my first sculpture by Ruben. Have liked all that he has done but either they've been repeats of characters I already have or films not interested in. Glad to finally have something by him in my collection!

Keep fingers crossed he'll someday do Zorro!

Darcy said...

I third the notion of having Ruben doing something from Snow White. He is truely a Remarkable Gifted Artist & I can't wait to have Elliott! Do you know any more of Elliott's dimensions, because he looks like a big piece?


Duckman said...

Darcy, regarding additional sizing on Elliott, I will make inquiries today. He does look like he'll take up quite a bit of room from these photos.

Given the side discussion on Ruben doing something from Snow White, sounds like the making of another survey :) Just finished setting up a thread to gather suggestions for key moments not yet done from this film to poll at a later date.

Timon said...

I totally LOVE Elliott, and am so happy that this piece is being done and done so well.

Given that Pete's Dragon is another wonderful film where animation and live characters are combined, is there any word on adding some of the other characters to this scene?

I suppose it will depend on the popularity of this piece. So far from all the buzz, it sounds like it's going to be popular!

Magic Mirror said...

You must do that SW&7D survey Don, I think Ruben could realy capture the intense scenes from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.


Herc said...

I totally love this dragon. Gotta get him and fast.

Duckman said...

Hey Tim!

Elliott is startng off on a high note, hearing pre-orders are quite good. Haven't heard any rumors of other characters from this film being added at this time or in the future. A lot will probably depend on the popularity of this sculpture as you stated.

sparklingrose said...

Got to see Elliott in person this past weekend up in Atlanta at the gift show. He looks just like the pictures....very cute and BIG.

My only complaint, I wish WDCC hadn't listened to the few people who were crying about size issues...I don't have room for all of these new big pieces they keep coming out with. :o(

On another note and I'm sure the Duck can move this to it's proper place...they also had Belle on display. This piece is fabulous! The rose looks so delicate, but from what I hear, it and Belle's arm are all metal to prevent breakage. The effect of this piece is just stunning. Some were not happy with her face, but I thought it looked good. She looks astonished as she should seeing a beautiful floating rose.

Kushal Ruia said...

Eliot looks awesome, too bad its not a film/character that i am crazy about. I for one love the scale at which Ruben works.It gives him a chance to create a definitive version of the character with all the details and nuances! and they all look very bold!
The only piece i have by him is Ursula, i do want his Magical maelstrom and Chernabog, but cant afford it.
Maybe if Chernabog was tad smaller, he would be cheaper, but i doubt if i would like it as much then!

and thnx for the info on Belle, sparklingrose!
i cant wait to get her,and i hope u r right about the face, that was my only concern too.