Saturday, January 19, 2008

Previous Years WDCC Calendars Update!

One of the things I enjoy most about the website is building the history of the line. I guess being an accountant, paying attention to details is a common characteristic of someone in this profession. I want to know all the details when I receive information on the latest upcoming releases-size, sculptor, how released, etc. Over the years I've found I'm not alone and have received many requests on building calendars for each year from the line's inception (1992) until today (2008).

After numerous requests in 2007, I began building these calendars going in reverse, starting from 2002 and working backwards to 1992. Last year as many know, I was able to build 2002 and 2001. I began working on 2000 and like many, put to the side planning to finish only to never get back to it. Those who enjoy the calendars noticed this and when I released the 2008 Calendar began receiving emails asking "where are the remaining calendars?"

Last night decided to finish up 2000 and just finished uploading to the webstie. Next task will be to begin working on 1999 thru 1992. The fun part of this exercise is choosing the mascot for that calendar year. In 2000-2002, you are also seeing what my favorite sculpt was for that year, in case you're interested :) As for 1992-1999, a mascot won't be chosen until all calendars are complete.

This is going to be a bit of a challenge because I began doing a yearly calendar format in 2000, so had a template to pull information from in building 2000-2002. With starting the website in 1997, have nothing prior too and up until 2000, so need to pull out my Sketches and Newsflash and try to rebuild those years. I will have these as a work in progress and will welcome any information fellow collectors and/or dealers may have on release dates during those years. Members Only, Events and Convention releases will be a no brainer, it's everything else in between :)


Kushal Ruia said...

looks gr8 Don! i love the mascot image that u create! really liked this year's QoH one too!(i think its one of my favs, followed by the "Whole New World" one.
I do have a request,was meaning to tell u for a while, but kept forgetting.
On some pages u have a banner with all different production marks and the years and the WDCC logo in the center! i really like it and it NEEDS updating!:-)

Duckman said...

Hi Kushal,

Thanks! Queen of Hearts is my favorite calendar logo also. Torn between Willie and a Whole New World Logo for #2.

Updating the production mark logo is on my list of things that need done. Had hoped to have gotten to that during 2007 but time didn't permit. Focusing on finishing up the remaining calendars at this point, uploaded 1992 yesterday and will be looking at new software for the website soon also.

Stay tuned ...

Herc said...

You rock Don.

As one of the people that has bugged the politely for you to continue the calendars, I appreciate all the extra effort you put in to your website. This is just one of the many many features that keeps the website fresh. Looking forward to future enhancements. And 1999. Hey it's the year I got married. I got alot of pieces that year. LOL

Keep up the great work. We all love it. And you know it.

Timon said...

As the others have noted, Don, I love the calendars as well. It's a great way to have a "virtual" time capsule of WDCC!

Consultant said...

I'm surprised Disney doesn't already publish this somewhere. Does anyone know if there have ever been any member-only releases that were low-number limited editions? Guess that would piss the members off that didn't get one if it was like an LE 1000 members only release. Seems like the most collectible then are not going to be the members only pieces?