Monday, January 28, 2008

WDCC Calendar Update: 1993-1995 On-Line!

Last weekend I uploaded the 2000 WDCC Calendar followed by the 1992 WDCC Calendar. Since then have been working on 1993 thru 1999. It's been an interesting journey looking back at the older catalogs, Greenbook, Sketches, Newsflash, old notes and sell sheets. Nearing completion on 1996 thru 1999 and uploaded this morning 1993 thru 1995!

As mentioned in my blog entry last weekend, as I build each year, choosing a mascot that represents my favorite sculpture for that particular year.

I chose Donald & Daisy (the Jitterbug sculpt) for 1993. I recall seeing this sculpture for the first time at a dealer I bought from at that time in OH. The sculpture had already sold out but they had a cabinet with one of every sculpture released. I would stand there and stare at pieces I missed and at that time, not very easy to find (the Field Mouse, Donald & Daisy and Cinderella's Dress). Fortunately, I was able to add Donald & Daisy approximately in 1997-1998 and have displayed prominently on a rotating riser, being the only animated short (Mr Duck Steps Out) that I have on display in my curios.

Tic-Toc Croc is my favorite from 1994. I remembered being so impressed with it when I saw featured in Sketches for the first time and rather glad that Croc won out over Mr. Smee as collector favorite as the character to be added to the upcoming Peter Pan and Captain Hook sculptures. Some early collectors may recall this poll done by the WDCC.

No question, Dumbo in Bathtub (featured above) would be my favorite from 1995. This is my all-time favorite WDCC sculpture. I remember a discussion a number years ago, discussing on the WDCC message board if we could keep one sculpt, what would it be? Then and even now, still my favorite WDCC sculpt to date.

A funny story. When I was interviewed for Sketches magazine in 2000, one of the questions was "what is your favorite sculpture?" My response, "Dumbo in Bathtub." I received a call prior to publication and it was noticed my favorite sculpt was not a Donald sculpt and since the article was on the Duckman, I was asked if I minded choosing my favorite Donald sculpt and chose the Donald & Daisy sculpture "With Love From Daisy" which was featured in the article.

As you look over the 1993 thru 1995 calendars, please post your favorite from those years either here on the blog or at the Internet Cafe.


Herc said...

Thanks Don for the calendars. Just had a chance to print them out.

Surprised that there are so many months that didn't have something released. If that happened like that now, people would be swarming the gates.

I hope they return to those days of releasing less sculptures. It is quite an expensive

Love the choices that you made for the opening page. All were great sculptures. Looks like I need to go and find a separate Bambi and Flower. Just need those two to complete these three years.

Thanks again.

Duckman said...

You're welcome Jeff! I thought the same thing as I completed those years, the months there were no releases and some months, had very few. You'll see an explosion of releases per month starting in 1996 which coincides with product being overproduced as well and actually hurting the line.

I too would like to see it go back to a schedule similar to the early years, especially with display space such a premium these days after collecting 15 years!