Saturday, January 12, 2008

Where Has the Week Gone??

Where has this week gone?? It's been a hectic week at work plus trying to put away all the Christmas decorations. Why is it always more fun putting everything up vs. taking them down? :)

Donald Duck Membership kits are starting to arrive at retailers. Nephew Duck began to arrive in December. Haven't heard any sightings of Belle at this time. Don't forget, the redemption period for Wendy begins in January but she is not expected to arrive in stores until February. Fellow collector and friend Matthew received his Donald and all 3 Nephews and posted images of photos he took on his blog. Check out Matthew's Blog for these photos!

Geoffrey, thanks for your help regarding Charles's question on the Pirates of the Caribbean Series Jail Scene release. Hope you guys don't mind, going to copy/paste your question/answer into the Jail Scene Blog Entry since it might help others in a similar situation plus added phone numbers in that entry for the Art of Disney in Downtown Disney® and Epcot® plus the Animation Gallery at Disney's Hollywood Studios®.

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