Thursday, January 24, 2008

WDCC Presents Pirates of the Caribbean Upcoming Release & Signing!

Walt Disney Classics Collection - Pirates of the Caribbean Series
Sculpture Release & Signing

Special Guest: Ruben Procopio, Designer
Date: Saturday, February 02, 2008
Time: 10:00 AM - 12:00 Noon PST
Location: Disneyana Shop, Main Street, U.S.A.,Disneyland® Park

A Special Signing Event will be held on February 02, 2008 with Ruben Procopio, Concept Designer for the sixth (and final) release in the Pirates of the Caribbean Series.

As the flames spread throughout the city, pirates locked in the town jail are desperate to escape before their underground dungeon turns into an inferno. The local constabulary are nowhere to be seen. Only a mangy mutt is around to witness their plight and he holds the keys to their cells in his mouth. The pirates try to lure the dog within their reach so they can grab the keys and attempt an escape. The boat passes underneath another bridge, which appears to be a reinforced sewer entrance to the underground parts of the city.

Jail Scene with Dog ("Here Give Us the Key ya Scrawny Little Beast!") is a Numbered Limited Edition (NLE) of 750 with a SRP of $599.00 US. Concept by Ruben Procopio and sculpted by Tim Bruckner.

Ruben also sculpted the following releases in the Pirates of the Caribbean Series:

Pirate with Pigs ("Drink Up Me 'earties!") - Fourth Release in Series.

Pirate on Archway Bridge ("A Parrot's Life for Me!") - Fifth Release in Series.

Pirate on Cannon ("(Mr. Coote): "Peligro, Explosivos!") - Special Limited Edition Release.

Guests will be able to purchase those Pirates of the Caribbean pieces that Ruben sculpted listed above (subject to availability) plus sign the two film-based releases, Captain Barbossa and Captain Jack Sparrow which Ruben concepted. Captain Barbossa and Captain Jack Sparrow were sculpted by Tim Bruckner.

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Patrick Roberts said...

The first Pirates of the Caribbean was great, not too sure about the other two, tho the special effects were top notch of course, i hear they're coming out with a fourth one...