Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Willie's Chest Accessory: An Inside View

Part of the Third Quarter unveiling was a new scene capturing the moment when Mickey Mouse frees Goofy, Donald and the Singing Harp who were locked in a box by Willie the Giant, owner of the Castle.

Above, is a digital image showing the inside of Willie's Chest Accessory. The box (as well las spool of thread and key) are sculpted in resin. This digital image shows the inside of the box. At first glance, you question if the inner walls of the box are resin or actually fabric, this is how well it was done. Actually had to touch it to determine. It is in fact resin.

This 5-piece Open Edition release features Goofy: "Tread Lightly" (8-1/4"), Donald Duck: "Not a Peep" (5"), Mickey Mouse: "Shhh!" (4-3/4"), the Singing Harp: "Beautiful Diversion" (8") and Willie's Chest Accessory (Height TBD). All pieces sculpted by Jacqueline Perreault Gonzales.

I would like to thank Michelle/Babette for this photo. Thanks Babs!

Scheduled Release Date: September 2007.


Timon said...

I can't wait to see/touch the chest for myself! From the image it looks like it's fabric. This whole set looks like it will be a popular one. The Harp is amazing.

Matthew said...

That's amazing! I really love this scene. The only piece I'm a bit worried about is Mickey. I wonder if it's just the angle of the picture that's causing me to worry.

I do love the harp, though.

Duckman said...

Tim, they did an excellent job in making the fabric look real. I think you'll be quite pleased when you see in person for yourself.

Matthew, took some digitals of Mickey from different angles and will post those as well. The lighting reflecting off the sculpture, makes it look a little washed out but should give you overall a better idea on Mickey.

Matthew said...

Thanks Don... looking forward to it.

Babette said...

You are most welcome Don, but it was the camera that did all the hard work!
It really is a substantial pice and truly rounds out the scene. I like that Enesco painted the inside and added the detailing.