Monday, August 20, 2007

Scene Completer: Special Request(s) for Missing Characters!

Michael J. Ruocco wrote the following in another blog posting:

"The one thing that always bothered me was that they never completed the "Dance of the Hours" scene. I always thought that a sculpture of the elephant with the fish in the bubble would finish off that particular set. Oh well, a man can dream...

It would be great to see some of the more secondary characters getting pieces of their own or even characters from movies or shorts that haven't been represented yet, although that request has somewhat been answered with some of the great sculptures in the past year or so."

Michael brought up a good point and agree we've been seeing a lot more of these type of characters added over the past year that have been heavily requested. How many scenes out there that might be missing that one character you keep hoping will be added? Do we need a complete scene, have a duplication of characters to just get that one character that we've been longing for them to release?

I like how in 2004 they released the White Rabbit ("Royal Fanfare") depicting him in his royal attire (pictured above) and done in the same base as the Croquet Scene (Alice, King & Queen of Hearts and the Card Painter) that made it possible to work him into that scene which he does nicely.

Some others that I personally would like to see done are the following:

* Remaining Crows from Dumbo
* Black Card Painter with Rose Tree (some roses red, some white, some dripping red) from Alice in Wonderland (preferably a boxed set)
* Lady Cluck from Robin Hood

Given that some of these could be very secondary and/or esoteric characters, wondering if best to handle as a Commission Only release?


Bill said...

Right on about the Dumbo crows. I've always seen them done sitting together on the fence to really finish off the scene. Lady Kluck should also be added to the existing Robin Hood scene. I'd like to see a new scene with Friar Tuck and Alan-A-Dale capturing Sir Hiss in the barrel. And when are we going to get a Dog Pound scene from Lady and the Tramp? I really hope they don't do it as the Signature series. Open Edition, please! And on and on....

Sergio said...

Yeah, scene completers! That´s what I want!
At least one male centaure to go with the pink and blue centaurettes should be done. They look pretty lonely...
Also Pocahontas is waiting for her Captain Smith, alone on the little rock.
A new Cinderella in rags will go perfectly with the event Fairy Godmother. She is about to transform anybody's dress otherwise.

Koen said...

I would like to see Lady Cluck and alan-a-dale for the Robin Hood scene, a male centaur (or even more centaurettes, like the Zebra-centaurettes) to go with the fantasia scene, Elephantine from Dance of the Hours, The King to go with the Dancing Couple Snow White, Carlotta to go with Chef Louis, all the characters that are in the end scene of Little Mermaid to make the dancing couple a real scene, King Hubert, King Stefan and the Queen to go with the end scene of Sleeping Beauty. Allthough it would be a repeat: the bimbettes to go with event belle and original lefou and gaston, the cabinet in the hall of the beast castle, with a miniature cogsworth to go with Maurice, a piano with Lumiere and Cogsworth in miniature and a cart with Mrs Potts and Chip to make the ballroom scene more in scale. Jim Dear and Darling to go with Lady and Cradle. But most of all, the piece i realy want and which i feel is definitly missing is John Smith to go with Pocahontas Leading Lady. It would be such an awesome scene, to have those two characters looking at each other.

Michael J. Ruocco said...

You know, I never thought of the rest of the Dumbo crows before. I'm surprised they haven't done that yet. I felt the same way about the ice skating scene from Bambi before that was announced.

It would be great to see a new Song of the South piece like one of Brer Rabbit saying "How do ya do?" to the Tar Baby with Brer Fox & Brer Bear hiding in the bushes. But since that film is a major taboo in the eyes of the Disney execs, we probably won't see ANYTHING of that film for a while.

I know there's been a lot of Bambi-related sculptures lately, but I think one of Bambi & the Great Prince would be a nice Father/Son piece like Pinocchio & Geppetto(either from the "Gallop of the Stags" scene or the post death scene). Or possibly a Friend Owl "Twitterpated" piece?

I'm still wondering what that returning series may be. It would be great to see another Animator's Choice scene. Moving Day Goofy, Admiral Donald & Flypaper Pluto are some of my top favorite sculptures.

Duckman said...

Bill, the Crows sitting on the Fence as a singular sculpt is how I envision them too. I think they would really flesh out that scene.

Regarding Robin Hood Dusty Horner mentioned at the recent GOTL event how he would love to sculpt a new scene from this film. As for Lady Cluck and Friar Tuck, I'd be happy if they were done to work with the original scene.

Had a discussion lately with a few other collectors regarding the Dog Pound Scene from Lady and the Tramp and wonder if most people truly want the whole scene or just Peg? Wondering if the thinking is getting the whole scene is their only way to get Peg?

Duckman said...

Interesting you brought up the Centaurettes Sergio. I too always wondered why they went with two females and not a male-female couple?

The Leading Ladies Series Pocahontas is another sculpture release that seems incomplete. John Smith would be the perfect companion piece to that release.

Sergio said...

Maybe, if they finally release Bacchus and Jacchus, we would have a chance to see also a zebra and a male centaur!

BTW, the scene completer that would really be a shame if it falls forgotten as some others did is Clarabelle Cow. I think she is a must-to-be-done for both the MMC and Fire Brigade.

Duckman said...

Great List Koen! That should keep Enesco busy and the line going for quite a few more years!

John Smith seems to be one that a few of us feel would make the Leading Ladies release of Pocahontas seem more like a scene vs. a stand alone and possibly get us an Opening Title from this film.

I recall us talking about the Side Table with Cogsworth that would be a great companion piece to Maurice & Lumiere when that sculpt was released.

Duckman said...

I think with our politically correct society Michael, we won't see anything from the Song of the South film but given we're seeing more Theme Park Releases, wouldn't be surprised if someday we something from Splash Mountain.

Duckman said...

There seems to be a strong interest in Fantasia Sergio. I know many would like to see the Fourth Fairy released to have all four seasons represented.

I'm 100% behind you with seeing Clarabelle released to go along with both Mickey's Fire Brigade and the Mickey Mouse Club!

Bill said...

I'm sure the major interest in the Dog Pound scene would be Peg, but some of the other dogs, Boris, Bull, Pedro, etc. singing "There's no place like Home" would would make a wonderful scene. Was wondering how successful the AristoCats Jazz band scene did? Speaking of, would love to see Edgar done with Napoleon and Lafayette on the motorcycle, maybe as a Villains release. Also the geese, Amelia and Abigail and Uncle Waldo.

Duckman said...

Given the many requests for the Aristocats Jazz Band Scene, I don't think sales equated to how heavily requested it was.

Personally, feel it was a very well done scene. I had the Couch Scene, so passed on the Jazz Band Scene, picking up only Italian Cat. Scat Cat was another favorite of mine. Liked the added touch of the tiffany lamp.

Amelia, Abigail and Uncle Waldo would make great sculpts.

Koen said...

Ameia and Abigail would definitly be something i would like to see and buy. I've did everything from the Aristocats so far.

I wonder if a John Smith was planned to go with LL Pocahontas, but was never done, cause the moment chosen seems to ask for the two of them. I hope we'll see him (in a new scene, but would prefer to go with LL Pocahontas)

Sergio said...

Actually there will be at least two scenes completed in 2008... and I know about them both!!! But, won't tell!!

Dennis said...

Any hints Sergio?

Duckman said...

It seems the term scene completer is starting to be used out of context to how the term was originally coined.

A scene completer is the final piece in a scene, or at least what is determined as the scene completer when a scene is originally announced.

Examples are the following (which were actually called Scene Completers:

Pumbaa and Timon from The Lion King's Circle of Life Scene

Footman from Cinderella's Slipper Scene

Nana from Peter Pan's Nursery Scene

Flower and Miss Skunk from Bambi's Twitterpated Scene

Maid Marian from the Robin Hood Scene

It would depend on the scene whether a new introduction would be an actual scene completer or not.

Examples could be the following (based on characters suggested in previous blog discussions):

Lady Cluck -- A scene completer? No, she would be an add-on to that scene. Maid Marian has already been established as the scene completer.

Remaining Crows from Dumbo -- I would classify this as a scene completer. They are the remaining characters not yet done from that scene that would complete the scene.

Frollo - If added to the Festival of Fools Scene, would he be a scene completer? No. That scene also included Phoebus, Achilles, Djali and the Gargoyles.

A recent rumor circulating, Wendy on a Rock to go with Peter and the Mermaids. A scene completer? No. Peter and the Mermaids is a single sculpt containing more than one character. If Wendy was added, you now have a scene. A scene completer would be the remaining Mermaids.

I think many will agree there is a definite difference between a scene completer and scene add-on.

Duckman said...

I published my comment too quickly :)

Another example would be the Tank Gang Scene from Finding Nemo.

If additional fish are added, I would classify these as an addition to the scene. I think this scene is hard to define, based on when you started the scene.

You could classify one of the last releases as a scene completer (if so designated) or do you classify Nemo and Gurgle since a Members Only Release like the others listed in my previous response that were designated actual scene completers, all being Members Only Releases?

Behr said...

I guess my request wouldn't necessarily be considered a scene completer because there really isn't a scene for Hercules but I sure would love to see sculptures of past, present and future as well as the muses from Hercules. Been watching it with the boys the last couple of weeks and thought about both of those as being great pieces to add to the collection. This is the 10th Anniversary of Hercules so I guess I could hope for a 4th quarter release? Wishful thinking I know

Duckman said...

The Muses come up in many conversations I have with fellow collectors.

Personally, I think they would make a great addition, companion set to Meg, the second release in the Leading Ladies Series. If done that way, maybe they could be justified as a scene completer :)

If the Muses were ever released, wondering if they would sell individually or as a boxed grouping?