Sunday, August 12, 2007

Looking Ahead: 2008!

As we're anticipating the upcoming 4th Quarter releases, a few hints were released during The Gallery of the Lakes Signing Event with Dusty Horner on Saturday, August 11th. Here is what we can look forward to in 2008!

*A new sculpture will be released in February 2008 that will be part of a current scene release!

*A past Series will see a new release!


Koen said...

the new release for a current scene: I'm guessing that it would be either an extension to the Festival of Fools (Frolo!!!) or Sampson to go with Sleeping Beauty. I wouldn't mind more pieces from Mulan either.

New release in past series: Johnny Appleseed in the American Folk Heroes?

Just guesses, but wouldn't mind either of them.

Matthew said...

I could see them adding Frollo or Phoebus to the Hunchback scene... but it could also be another "Tank Gang" member from Nemo (Peach and Deb/Flo have yet to be done). Could be a new Bug's Life piece or an addition to Incredibles. Can't remember any other current scenes that could do with a new piece. Can anyone else?

Don, is the "series" you mention one that has been "ended" before but is making a comeback?

Duckman said...

"Don, is the "series" you mention one that has been "ended" before but is making a comeback?"

That is correct Matthew.

Matthew said...

Thanks Don. Could be one of several series... could be Disney Duos, could be Animator's Choice or Tribute. Have we had any issues recently in the Dreams Come True or Heroes and Heroines series? But as Koen says above, I think most are hoping it will be the American Folk Heroes series.

Duckman said...

Pinocchio & Geppetto ("A Father's Joy") was the only release in the Dreams Come True Series.

Tarzan and Sabor was the most recent release in the Heroes and Heroines Series (2006).

Matthew said...

Thanks Don. Since those series haven't been officially "ended", it's got to be one of the others. Does anyone know of any series that I missed?

Bill said...

Since it's already been hinted that Bacchus and Jacchus are to be issued, I'll they will be included as part of the Disney Duos series.

Duckman said...

Hi Bill-The hint was for a 2008 release and if the Bacchus & Jacchus rumor is true (we were unable to get that confirmed), they will be released in 2007.

They would have made a great addition to the Disney Duos Series. It's too bad that series had such a short life.

Bill said...

I bow to the master. Thanks, Don.

Babette said...

OK,I'll take a stab at the A Past Series will see a New Release hint. In doing my research, I've narrowed it down to these series:

Dreams Come True Series – only 1 official release in this series
Animator’s Choice 2001 last year for it
Duo Series – 2003
American Folk Heroes 1996
Portrait Series – only 1 official release in this series
Tribute Series – 1999 Mulan was the last one
Celebration Series – Canine Caddy last release of 4
Walt Disney Studios Holiday Card Series – 2005

Of the ones above, I'm going to eliminate the Animator's Choice series since that was to be based on the 9 old men.

I'm also eliminating the Tribute Series since that was tied to the release of a new animated movie. None on the horizon right now.

And I'm also eliminating the Holiday Card Series.

That leaves:
1) Dreams Come True
2) Duo
3) American Folk Heroes
4) Portrait
5) Celebration
Series left.

My guess would be either 1) 3) or 4), although 4) is my personal wish and highly unlikely, so most likely 1) or 3).

Kushal Ruia said...

Does the "Gallery Edition" figure as a possibility???
Would love to see some more stuff like that!

Babette said...

Hi Kushal
I doubt the Gallery Edition would be revisited as I don't think they sold very well, esp since they were bronze colored versions of pre-existing colored sculptures. If they came out with a stand alone Gallery Edition sculpture just in the bronze coloration, that might sell better depending on the subject matter, jmho. I personally liked the colorized versions better.

Duckman said...

This is turning into an interesting thread and a chance to look back at past series (both member and non-member).

Michelle, I agree with you on Tribute Series. Given this series was to get around the original premise of the collection and each release in that series ended up having additional releases later, don't see this one as a contender.

Interesting you mentioned the Celebration Series. This is one series that many either forget or ignore. Can't tell you how many times I had to prove this was in fact a series. I see a potential blog post :)

My gut feel is the American Folk Heroes. At least that is what came to mind first. I wouldn't mind seeing the rebirth of the Portrait Series. For those who attended the 2004 WDAC Convention, potential future releases were given as prizes during the luncheon--Maleficent & Briar Rose, Snow White & Dopey and Cruella & Lucky. All looked great!

Duckman said...

Hi Kushal! Yes, the Gallery Edition Series would definitely be a contender. When this series was introduced in Fourth Quarter 2004, rumor had it being a 4-piece series but nothing more was released after Hercules and Mulan.

As Michelle said, I don't believe they sold well, hence why we never saw future releases.

I personally liked them. I prefer full color over the bronze but felt they have their place. I have the bronze resins of two of the characters at the Hub, Dumbo and Pinocchio and they make great accents on top of my curios. Always felt the WDCC bronzes had more of a masculine appeal and would look great in a den or study, either on a desktop or mantle.

These pieces created a lot of uproar when announced but nice to see others weren't so put off by them.

Kushal Ruia said...

Yeah, i agree..i think Mulan in colour worked better than the its Gallery edition counterpart...while i did prefer the Gallery Edition of Herc.
I think i like the "Gallery Edition" pieces cause they kinda draw ur attention to the "Sculpture" itself as u dont have the crutch of colour/paint to accentuate and pop out certain features.
Makes a fine showcase for the art of the Sculptor in particular.

Duckman said...

Very good assessment Kushal of the Gallery Edition Series. I think this is what Enesco tried to accomplish with these releases.

They're not for everyone but felt they had their place. Sadly, would be very surprised if we see any future releases in this series.