Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Say Good-Bye to Some Old Friends!

The Walt Disney Classics Collection is pleased to announce several sculpture retirements effective August 14, 2007:

Class Dismissed!

From Disney's Lilo & Stitch:
Lilo & Wagon: "Elvis Presley was a Model Citizen"
Stitch: "Perplexed Pupil"

Stitch is actually a 'dry retirement' since there is no inventory available at the warehouse.

Swimming Upstream!

From Disney/Pixar's Finding Nemo:
Nemo: "Little Fin, Big Heart"
Dory: "Unforgettable"
Finding Nemo Base: "Coral Reef"
Marlin: "Father Knows Best "

Marlin is actually a 'dry retirement' since there is no inventory available at the warehouse.

The following were honored as a Dry Retirement:

Final Stitch!

From Disney's Cinderella:
Mice in Sewing Basket: "Surprise"

Bye, Bye Kitty!

From Disney/Pixar's Monsters, Inc.:
Boo: "Kitty!"


Matthew said...

Surprising that the Nemo piece itself would be retired. The Tank Gang scene's Nemo was a Member's Only last year so it is a closed edition. So now there is no Nemo for "Finding Nemo". LOL

Maybe a new Nemo is coming... along with a (I hope, I hope) a Mr. Ray piece! (Can't stop campaigning, can I?!)

Duckman said...

Great observation Matthew!

With this retirement, there is no longer an active Nemo for this scene. Does make you wonder, given the popularity of this scene, if we'll see another Nemo.

Keep the campaigning going for Mr. Ray! We made a point to discuss him this past weekend with Traci.

Timon said...

With the popularity of the Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage at the Disneyland Resort, I would think (and hope!) there will be more coming from this great movie.

valery said...

Dear Duckman,

Are you sure for the lilo's retirement ?
She's so young !!!!
And you haven't put this note on your
I so make choice for gift, please could you confirm ?

Many Thanks

Duckman said...

Hi Valery,

Lilo is in fact retired :(

Apologize for the Retirement Page not being updated with these latest retirements. It's been a busy summer with work and haven't had a chance to update that section. Do note in the Secondary Guide, they are both updated as retired.

Hopefully will get the Retirement Section updated by this weekend.

valery said...

Thank you for this information.
I will go this weekend in Disneyland Paris to buy my Lilo.
Congratulations for the blog and the site, my only reference for the WDCC.

Duckman said...

Your welcome Valery!

Glad to be of help and thanks also for the kind words regarding both the blog and website.