Friday, May 24, 2013

Enesco Announces Additional Sell-Throughs!

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The Walt Disney Classics Collection just announced the Sell-Through Status on the following releases:

Pegasus FamilyWalt Disney’s masterpiece Fantasia is a universe of animated treasures, including the celebrated segment that beautifully animates “The Pastoral Symphony.” 

Soaring serenely over the Olympian landscape is a majestic mother Pegasus who, once settled, tends to her multicolored babies in an elegant nest. 

The Pegasus Family ("Mythic Menagerie"), released in June, 2010, is a Numbered Limited Edition (NLE) of 500 and sculpted by Kent Melton. 

The Pegasus Family was the topic of one of my recent Looking Back blog entries.

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Robin Hood and Maid Marian - From one of the least portrayed weddings in all of Disney animation, dashing Robin Hood and lovely Maid Marian walk arm-in-arm after having tied the knot.

Robin Hood and Maid Marian ("Merry Matrimony"), an Open Edition release, were released in May 2009 with Skippy Rabbit ("Attentive Attendant") and Toby Turtle ("Peering Page").  Skippy Rabbit and Toby Turtle were Limited to Production Year 2009.

Joining them in May, 2011 and June, 2011 respectively were Friar Tuck ("Bemused Badger") and Allan-a-Dale ("Rural Raconteur") both Limited to that Production Year.

Robin Hood, Maid Marian, Skippy, Toby and Friar Tuck were sculpted by Bruce Lau.  Alan-a-Dale was sculpted by Jacquline Perreault Gonzales.

Robin Hood and Maid Marian were retired in May, 2012. Skippy Rabbit and Toby Turtle sold through in August, 2009.  Friar Tuck and Allan-a-Dale are both still available.
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Brer Rabbit and Brer FoxWalt Disney loved the animal fables penned by Joel Chandler Harris in which clever Brer Rabbit constantly outfoxed crafty Brer Fox—but this time it looks like it’s the hungry fox who has the upper hand.

But never fear, quick-thinking Brer Rabbit will have the last laugh. First brought to life through Disney animation, these fanciful folklore critters have been immortalized in the classic Disney Theme Park attraction Splash Mountain.

These fun-filled sculptures are plussed with a bronze fork and pewter neck on Brer Fox and a pewter pole for Brer Rabbit.

"Cooking Up a Plan" (Brer Rabbit) and "Last Laugh" (Brer Fox) are a two-piece box set, sculpted by Ruben Procopio and were Limited to Production Year 2010.

They were joined in June, 2011 by Brer Bear ("A Hankering for Hare"), sculpted by Patrick Romandy-Simmons.  Brer Bear, still available was Limited to Production Year 2011.

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Babette - In November, 2009, the Walt Disney Classics Collection released miniatures of the Enchanted Objects (Lumiere, Cogsworth, Mrs. Potts & Chip and Babette).  They were all initially introduced in full-size figurines but this release they were specifically designed to be in exact scale to Belle and Beast.

"Flirtatious Feather Duster" sculpted by Jacqueline Perreault Gonzales, an Open Edition release was plussed with pewter face and neck (feather portion of body is porcelain) and brass wire handle on back of her head.

Babette was retired in December, 2012.

Please check Authorized Walt Disney Classic Collection Retailers for availability.


Timon said...

Well of this recent batch of sell-throughs, I'm so happy to have the Pegasus Family and Brer Fox and Brer Rabbit.

I would still go back and get Robin Hood and Maid Marian, but really bummed I missed out on Skippy and Toby. I can't even tell you why or how I missed them. I was probably too busy being a road warrior for work.

The movement in the Pegasus piece lends itself to be placed on a (huge) revolving base. The Brers are playful and are completed with Brer Bear.

Duckman said...

Hey Tim,

As you know from our conversations, I had been on the fence for the Pegasus Family since their release. I'm glad a month or so ago, decided to get them. I had only seen the piece once in person, so had to base everything on photos. Am so glad I ended up getting it, as you said, such a sense of movement to the piece and one that would definitely benefit (to showcase its many great angles)a rotating base.

I passed on the recent Song of the South as I have the original scene release. Like the 1st release, another great representation from the film/ride attraction.

The wedding piece from Robin Hood is still on my radar. Have the original Robin Hood and Maid Marian but was fortunate to pick up Skippy and Toby to display with them. Sadly all my Robin Hood pieces are in green box prison, so didn't pick up Friar Tuck and/or Allan-A-Dale.