Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Olszewski PokitPals

Many Disney collectors might be familiar with Olszewski PokitPals.

I discovered these about 3 years ago.  Last night while ducking the rain, stopped in the Main Street Cinema in the Magic Kingdom and was browsing around. The PokitPals caught my eye as I own 2 already (Dumbo & Mr. Toad). I immediately spotted Mater (pictured at right) and those who know me, knew my heart had to skip a beat :) 

In addition to Mater, they had Lightning McQueen and Ramone. Of course they were stocked on the other two but only had the display Mater. I think the Castmember realized I wasn't leaving the store unless Mater was leaving with me. He looked, found the empty box and well, I think you know the rest :)

What is a PokitPal? A PokitPal is an artistically designed container that is small enough to fit into a pocket or purse. A genuine PokitPal has two parts: (1) an outside shell; and (2), an inside container that slides to open and close and keeping secure with a magent.  They are made of high quality resin material.

I removed the outside shell for the above picture to see both the top and bottom. The photo doesn't show the detail around the sides of the box.  Etched in the sides are images of the Butte and Mater towing Lightning McQueen.

The rain may have made for a somewhat wet evening but turned into a cool find for me!


Matthew said...

This is really cool, Don! Any other Cars characters?

Duckman said...

They are very cool (and practical). From Cars, they also did Lightning McQueen and Ramone.

I also have Dumbo from a previous trip and Mary bought me Mr. Toad (the shield at Toad Hall) for my birthday.