Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Cinderella's Dress & Fountain

A replica of Cinderella's Dress as the Birds and Mice are putting it together for the Royal Ball is on display at  Castle Couture Shop in Fantasyland.  The display is complete with a replica of the Sewing Book.

Cinderella's Fountain

If you stand in the right spot (crouched down a bit) you can get a photo like the one on the left where it appears Cinderella is wearing her crown. Mary captured this one perfectly!

The sculpture includes one of the Birds on Cinderella's hands and Cinderella's Mice Friends at her feet.


jmbunkyjr said...

oh i can't wait to get some pics of this when down there in june

Duckman said...

Definitely some great photo ops Jimi.

The Cinderella Dress area will make for some great photos with Kate!