Saturday, May 11, 2013

Haunted Mansion Attraction Queue

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In the former location of the turnstiles in the Haunted Mansion Attraction queue, guests now have the option to split off to the left to what Disney calls “the graveyard,” or stay to the right and proceed directly into the attraction. 

A cast member was stationed at this split to instruct guests what the difference between the two lines was. We opted for "the graveyard."

Upon entering "the graveyard" you come upon the following five (5) busts:

  • Bertie - Avid hunter and expert shot, in the end that’s what he got.
  • Aunt Florence - Never did a dishonorable deed. Yet found face down in canary seed.
  • Uncle Jacob - Greed was the poison he had swallowed. He went first, the others followed. His killer’s face he surely knew, now try to discover who killed who.
  • The Twins, Wellington & Forsythia - Departed life while in their beds, with identical bumps on identical heads.
  • Cousin Maude - Our sleeping beauty, who never awoke the night her dreams went up in smoke. Note: Need to retake this photo on next trip as I accidentally didn't include Cousin Maude.
The busts pose a riddle for guests to solve, determing which character killed which. Each features a different weapon on their respective plaques. Thanks to Brent & Maria for pointing this out. Had a great time figuring who did in who!

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Tribute to Marc Davis
Replica of Organ in Ballroom
Sea Captain Crypt

Bride's Ring

Leota (Eyes Closed)
Leota (Eyes Open)


Matthew said...

Didn't realize that the busts at the entrance to the graveyard were a puzzle! I'll have to find some close ups of them to see if I can figure out what happened.

Thanks for posting this!

jmbunkyjr said...

don great pics of the building. where did u stand for them?

Jess Holmes said...

I've never been to Disney, but I'd absolutely love to visit the Haunted Mansion Attraction when I go someday in the future. I am particularly fond of haunted houses. For now I'll stick to the best Haunted Houses in the PA area until I can make it down to Florida or out to Cali. Thanks for sharing the post!