Sunday, May 26, 2013

Looking Back: Pedro from 'Saludos Amigos'

As many of family and friends know, I am a HUGE Cars fan! Not to mention, a HUGE fan of Susie, the Blue Coupe, the inspiration behind Cars and Cars 2

Why didn't Susie have a cameo? The flashback scene in Radiator Springs in Cars would have been the perfect spot for this. A missed opportunity to say the least :(

The Walt Disney Classics Collection released Susie, along with Casey, Jr. from Dumbo and Lil' Toot from Melody Time in November 2001. Though the series was never officially called the Transportation Series, its the name that was associated with this specific group of releases. 

Just as the Transportation Series was making their debut, the Walt Disney Collectors Society announced a Members Only release for 2002, Pedro from Saludos Amigos (picture above).

This group of releases has always been a favorite of mine. Crazy as it might sound, have three sculptures of Susie. One in my main collection, one on display in my garage (totally themed in Cars) and one in my office, along with a framed 78 RPM of the classic short narrated by Sterling Holloway.

With the upcoming release of Disney/Pixar Planes, had me looking at my sculpture of Pedro and decided to add a second one to my collection, to display along with Susie in my office at work. He landed yesterday!

Pedro is plussed with a pewter propeller (that actually spins) and leather strap on his mail bag. Notice the detail etched in his wings. This is what made the Walt Disney Classics Collection stand out, releasing some of the more obscure characters like Susie and Pedro.  

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